11 Times You Questioned Being Team Jess On ‘GG'

No matter how you feel about politics, religion, abortion, or the death penalty, chances are there is one thing we all can agree on: Jess Mariano was and always will be Rory’s OTP on Gilmore Girls. Even if you found Dean to be a swell guy and Logan a total dreamboat, you have to admit that there was a small part of you that knew that Jess was something special. There was a connection between Rory and Jess that was totally undeniable, no matter how many times the two of them tried to deny it over the seasons. But no matter how much you loved Jess, there were definitely some times that he made loving him a little challenging. It was in his nature to be difficult, and there were more times than I would like to count when Jess made it very difficult to be Team Jess.

You remember the feeling. After an episode where Jess acted particularly like a bonehead or where his actions had been super disrespectful of Rory, it was pretty shameful to announce that you were Team Jess. You still waved your flag, of course, still donned the t-shirt, but you covered it up with your Stars Hollow hoodie and only waved it when no one was looking. Because, no matter how much you loved him, Jess could sometimes be extremely difficult to root for.

1. When He Didn’t Call Rory All Weekend

This was the very first moment when my devotion started to waver. Why in the world did this kid think it was okay to go an entire weekend without calling his girlfriend?

2. When He Moved To California Without Telling Rory

He even ran into her on the bus out of Stars Hollow, but still Jess kept it to himself. And while he may have had good reason to not tell her (he probably didn’t want her to talk him out of it), it was really difficult to like him for a while after that.

3. When He Stopped Going To School

I love a good bad boy, but a bad boy who cuts class and stops going to school? I have to draw the line somewhere.

4. When Rory Missed Her Mother’s Graduation To Go See Him In New York

This was the first sign that Rory was losing a little bit of herself with Jess, which is never something I like to see. The fact that she missed her mother’s college graduation to go see about a guy was a super big red flag that maybe Jess wasn’t always the best influence on Rory.

5. When He Was Jealous Of Rory And Dean Being Friends

Clearly she likes you, Jess. Get over it.

6. When He Didn’t Tell Rory That He Couldn’t Get Prom Tickets

Rory had been dreaming about going to the Stars Hollow prom her whole life. The fact that Jess and his bad decisions (i.e. skipping school) are what wreck this dream for her was definitely a dark period in the life of every member of Team Jess.

7. When He Drops Out Of School

What is this guy doing with his life and why does he have to be such a butthead?

8. When He Comes Back To Town And Refuses To Talk To Rory

Again, probably for good reason, but when he runs into her and runs away, I think every one of us was like, really? After all that you put her through?

9. Every Time He Calls From California And Refuses To Say Anything

Come on, man! Who are you, Ariel from The Little Mermaid? USE YOUR VOICE.

10. When He Takes His Car From Luke’s Garage Without Letting Him Know

After everything that Luke has done for that kid. You make it so hard to love you, Jess.

11. When He Gets A Little Too Handsy With Rory At That Party

This was sort of the last straw for me for a while. I don’t care how upset he was about school and work and not being able to get tickets to the prom, getting a little too rough with Rory while hooking up made me have to take a serious break from Team Jess.

Don’t worry, though. I cooled off. I came back a couple episodes later. Because once you’re Team Jess, you’re always Team Jess. No matter what.

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