Sarah Michelle Gellar Went Brunette, Giving Us Major 'Cruel Intentions' Vibes — PHOTOS

Announcing a Cruel Intentions television reboot was enough to make us totally freak, but now Sarah Michelle Gellar has gone brunette, according to US Weekly, and your chill is going to be completely lost. Also, can we talk about the fact that even though it's been 17 years, she looks like literally nothing has changed?

After the whole Olsen twins/Fuller House thing, I was skeptical that any of the original cast would return for the Cruel Intentions reboot, but Gellar came through for us all by signing on, making it even better than it already would have been. And to send the excitement into full-on overdrive, the actor debuted a new brunette dye job on Instagram on Friday ahead of the reboot, and it's going to give you total Kathryn Merteuil vibes.

OK, so to be fair, she didn't outright say this is for her character, but given the caption and the timing of the new dye job, I think it's safe to say it probably is. Gellar wrote, "#brownhairdontcare (actually kind of love it!!) thank you everyone @andylecomptesalon." So clearly, she had some reservations about getting her color done, but she looks fan-freaking-tastic. But of course she does!

So gorgeous, right? And if you're skeptical that this is for filming, check her first post:

She seems to be in shock herself, so that probably negates any personal desire to become a brunette, but maybe she'll keep it around after the show, because she totally rocks it. It's definitely drastic, though, because she was so light before.

And even though she's been blonde for a while, she has played with various shades, like platinum:


And beige:

But just for comparison, let's flashback to her Cruel Intentions character.

Literally, nothing has changed. (Same with Reese Witherspoon, too!)

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Images: Columbia Pictures