Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” Could Be The Song Of The Summer, So Get Your Earbuds Ready

Ariantors, assemble! It's a big week for our favorite ponytail'd songstress: In addition to being the Saturday Night Live host and musical guest on Saturday, Ariana Grande will drop new song “Dangerous Woman" this week. As of Monday, we are a mere three days away from hearing the to-be-released single off of to-be-released album Dangerous Woman (née Moonlight). And I am more than ready, as Ryan Seacrest oh-so beautifully put it, to slither along to “Dangerous Woman.”

Last week, Grande teased a few clips of the new song. Said clips have my ears a-buzzin’ and my fingers a-snappin’, i.e., the clips are total jams. I have a hunch that when “Dangerous Woman” finally drops, the tune is going to be an excellent, major, and inescapable record. I have another hunch that “Dangerous Woman” will be one of the biggest songs of the summer. Oh, and one more: I have a hunch that the followup to “Focus” will be a slam dunk of a banger like “Problem” or “Break Free,” and less of a “Focus” (sorry, “Focus.” I was rooting for you, but I guess we all can't be unstoppable hits). Where did this pack of wild hunches come from, exactly? They came into existence after I listened to this snippet, that's where:

AUGH IT IS SO GOOD. No, I haven’t heard “Dangerous Woman” in its entirety, and yeah, I may be getting ahead of myself, and sure, it’s probably dicey to hand out the Song of Summer 2k16 crown a) in March and b) before ever hearing the song. However, every time I listen to that funky lil preview, visions of sunscreen bottles and swimming pools and barbecues dance about in my head. What am I supposed to do? Ignore those visions? Psh.

Ditto, Ari. Ditto.