Ariana Grande's New Single "Dangerous Woman" Suggests She's Switching Up Her Style — LISTEN

Pop music fans just got their first taste of Ariana Grande's new single, "Dangerous Woman" — and it sounds jazzy, dark, and mysterious. In other words, it sounds nothing like the 22-year-old diva's last single, "Focus." On Tuesday morning, Ryan Seacrest called the forthcoming track "badass" on social media, noting that it made him "want to slither" (a description that definitely grabbed my attention!). Grande hasn't revealed the release date for "Dangerous Woman" yet, but she announced last week that she'll perform it on Saturday Night Live on March 12, along with another new song called "Be Alright." She also confirmed that she's changed the title of her much-anticipated third studio album from Moonlight to, you guessed it, Dangerous Woman.

All of this news, coupled with the promo pictures recently posted to, makes it seem as though the direction of Grande's forthcoming LP has changed — and possibly for the better. For starters, the name Dangerous Woman is so much more provocative than Moonlight — and the atmospheric clip Grande just shared of the project's title track is so much more fresh than "Focus." When "Focus" premiered in October 2015, it faced criticism for allegedly sounding too similar to "Problem," the singer's breakthrough hit. Therefore, switching up the style of her new collection could be a really smart move.

Check out the "Dangerous Woman" preview below:

Unsurprisingly, it's difficult to understand Grande in the snippet (some things never change!). Fortunately, she's teased a few possible lyrics from the tune on Twitter:

And here are the aforementioned promo shots from

As you can see, Grande is preparing to put on a spooky bunny mask in the pics — not unlike the one worn by Britney Spears during her iconic "S&M" performance with Rihanna at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. (It's also eerily similar to the mask worn by the evil bunny from Donnie Darko . I have no idea how to feel about that/what that might mean.)

Finally, if you've been paying attention to Grande's Instagram lately (and I hope you have been), you've probably noticed her posting inspiring quotations from influential women like Coco Chanel, Nawal El Saadawi, and Maya Angelou:

Hmm. Does "Dangerous Woman" have an empowering, feminist message? It's certainly possible. After all, Grande has made it clear in recent months that she cares deeply about issues like sexism, misogyny, and gender equality — and that she won't remain silent when people around her are perpetuating offensive stereotypes. All will be made clear when the Grammy Award–nominated star debuts the song live on SNL on March 12. I can hardly wait.

Images: (3); HQVids999/YouTube