Does Kelly Clarkson Write Her Own Songs? A Little Bit Of Yes, A Little Bit Of No

When we hear a song on the radio that really resonates with you, it's hard not to envision the person singing it as the one who also penned the tune. We want to know if the chronicled experiences are real, or if they are the work of another songwriter's imagination. That question certainly comes to mind when we discuss Kelly Clarkson's work. Her deeply personal lyrics certainly feel honest, especially on songs like her powerful and heartbreaking single "Piece By Piece." The new track, which is essentially an open letter to the father that Clarkson feels abandoned her, is just another example of a Clarkson song that makes us feel absolutely everything. It's hard to imagine someone else singing lyrics so raw, which begs the question: does Clarkson actually write her own music?

That question is fairly complicated, because as with many musicians, the answer to that is yes — just not always. Clarkson did co-write the tracks "Piece By Piece" alongside composer Greg Kurstin, and it's just another track on a long list of songs she has had a hand in penning. According to Buzzfeed, examples of popular songs that Clarkson has written or co-written include "Already Gone," "Because Of You," "Behind These Hazel Eyes," "Miss Independent," "Never Again," and "Walk Away." These tracks are not only some of Clarkson's most famous, they are also tracks that resonate emotionally — seriously, who hasn't gone through a breakup and blasted "Behind These Hazel Eyes" to spite their ex? (Just me?) It makes perfect sense that Clarkson would be the one behind not only the vocals, but the lyrics, as well.


One surprising track that Clarkson didn't actually write is one of her first big hits. "Breakaway" was actually co-written by another pop star. The tune was penned by Matthew Gerrard, Bridget Benenate, and Avril Lavigne, who actually recorded the song herself. (You can listen to what is allegedly Lavigne's version of the song here.) It wouldn't be the last time one of Clarkson's pop peers penned her track: Katy Perry is one of the co-writers on pop anthem "I Do Not Hook Up." Other popular tracks that Clarkson isn't a songwriter on include "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," "Dark Side," and "Mr. Know-It-All."

Though Clarkson hasn't written all of her songs, she has penned the ones that are among her most popular — and whether she's a credited songwriter on a track or not, you know this singer will still bring her own spin to each and every tune she performs.

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