A Kanye West “Wolves” Remix May Feature Drake & Bjork, Prepare Yourself Accordingly

File this under: If this rendition really happens, my ears and brain and heart will implode out of joy. Over the weekend, a very interesting Snapchat story surfaced in one of the KanyeToThe forums. As Complex oh-so valiantly points out, a few Kanye West fans posted screen grabs of producer Cashmere Cat’s Snapstory regarding The Life of Pablo track “Wolves.” In the series of photos, we see the following chill-inducing combination of words: “WOLVES FEAT DRAKE & BJORK."

"Wolves" featuring Drake and Björk. I need a moment. Make that several moments. Oh, and a glass of water. Make that several glasses of water.

OK, I’m ready to continue. My goodness, I hope this iteration of “Wolves” is not only real, but sees the light of day. Like, I hope this isn’t an Original Doll , never-to-be-released situation. As outstanding as the original version featuring Sia and Vic Mensa is, and as outstanding as the second version featuring Caroline Shaw and Frank Ocean is, and as outstanding as the Frank Ocean/Sia/Vic Mensa version is, a Ye/Björk/Drake collaboration would send me right over the edge. It’d probably the closest we’ll ever get to my dream of Kanye West and Björk recording an entire album together (I'm confident the pair of geniuses would make the best album in the history of music). Oh, and you add the unstoppable Aubrey Graham to the mix? What a time to be alive and a music fan!

Needless to say, I would not take this remix for granted. Instead, I would cradle the song in my arms and tell it I feel so grateful to be in its presence. I would probably make it my ringtone, too. I might even set up a MySpace page just so I could make the tune my MySpace song.

On that note, I must go create a "Bjork Kanye West Drake" Google Alert. If this remix never hits the Internet, my heart may unravel like a ball of yarn.