Jami & Amber Got Mad At Jubilee On 'The Bachelor,' But Her Apologies Were A Step In The Right Direction

The Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor gives the contestants a chance to confront each other for certain comments or actions during the season — ones that may or may not have appeared during the episodes as seen by viewers. That was the case when Jami confronted Jubilee about certain alleged comments that those of us watching at home never saw. Jubilee apologized for some allegedly racially insensitive comments on The Bachelor, which was a good step, even though it's unfortunate that some of those things were said at all. But, let's run down exactly what happened and why apologizing a good step forward for her. Bustle has reached out to Jubilee for comment on the allegations, but has not yet heard back.

The conversation started with all the women talking about why there was friction in the house between many of the ladies and Jubilee. Jami spoke up and claimed that Jubilee made certain comments that she found to be offensive toward people of color, and specifically multiracial people — which Amber and a couple other women also claimed were said. After a commercial break that left me (and probably many others in Bachelor Nation) wondering what exactly was going on, Jubilee admitted that she said, "I'm full black ... I'm the full black girl in the house." The comments struck a nerve with Jami and Amber, in particular, who seemed to feel like Jubilee was being offensive towards multiracial people who weren't "full" anything.

However, Jubilee admitting to what she said and apologizing for it is a good first step toward mending her relationships not only with the women in the house, but those watching at home who were offended by these comments. She said to Jami, "I'm sorry if I offended you. Obviously, that's not my goal. … I do say offensive things." Of course, it's not quite clear if Jubilee understands why Jami was offended or why others may find her comments offensive.

But, she did say that she was wrong and apologized to Jami and Amber. Plus, the fact that Jubilee is able to admit she can say offensive things is a good step forward for herself and her relationships with the other ladies on this season of The Bachelor.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC