The Most Insulting Moments From Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Season

So much has gone down during The Bachelor's 20th season. Yes, the point of the show is to find love, and it seems like that did happen for Ben Higgins who has revealed that he is engaged. But a lot of other things have happened along the way, and some of them were pretty offensive. There were a lot of insulting moments from this season of The Bachelor. And, as you might suspect, a lot of them had something to do with this season's villain Olivia Caridi. Some of these moments were so bothersome that the viewers at home were vicariously offended even though they had absolutely nothing to do with the action.

There were plenty of cringe-worthy moments that were hard to watch this season. I know that any insults dished are not necessarily representative of the woman who said them — and the women are on the show for such a relatively short amount of time that there's no way we could know all there is to know about their personalities — but some moments stood out way too much to end up on the cutting room floor. And, as a result, the ladies will always be remembered for what they said during their 15 minutes of fame.

Below are the times that were quoted and retweeted all over Twitter and instantly turned into memes. You hated watching them, but you just couldn't look away.

1. Olivia Comparing Amanda To Teen Mom

This was the most infamous insult of the season by far. Olivia made Amanda cry when she compared her life to the television show Teen Mom, after hearing Amanda talk about being a mother of two young daughters. It was an ignorant comment and I honestly think that she was just trying to relate Amanda to something she was familiar with, but it just didn't come off right. It was so awkward to watch and it even was part of what led to Ben taking Olivia aside to discuss her her rose and her behavior with the other women.

2. Olivia Relating Death To Having Cankles

This was just so hard to watch. Ben was distraught over the deaths of two close family friends and conveyed to the group that he was having a rough week at the start of one of the weekly cocktail parties. Olivia tried to commiserate with his struggle, but compared his mourning to her dealing with having cankles and being made fun of for it. I'm sure that she was trying to be empathetic, but it just did not make any sense and instead made her look self-involved and insensitive.

3. Leah Lying To Ben About Lauren B.

The only screen time that Leah got on The Bachelor was when she was complaining about not having time with Ben, so she took matters into her own hands when she decided to lie and backstab frontrunner Lauren B. Leah seemingly lied about Lauren being different in front of Ben than she is with the girls back at the house. No one else agreed with this and it was so obvious that Leah was jealous of Ben's chemistry with Lauren. And on top of lying to Ben she also lied about lying to Ben and acted like she would never backstab anyone as if she forgot that she said all this in front of a camera crew.

4. The Women Insulting Olivia's Appearance

No matter how aggressive Olivia was, it gave the women no right to come at her for anything other than her questionable behavior. Lines were definitely crossed when the girls decided to pick apart Olivia's physical appearance behind her back and in front of the television cameras. Haley made fun of Olivia's breath and said that her boobs were fake. Amber talked about Olivia's "fat toes" and Lace repeated the diss. Many contestants chimed in and there was nothing at all OK about that. Women should be building each other up, not putting each other down based on their physical appearance.

5. Amber Insulting Jubilee At A Cocktail Party

Amber was barely present on this season of The Bachelor, but it was clear that she thought that she was way more important than she actually was even though it got her nowhere and she had zero connection with Ben. When Jubilee walked up to a group of women at the cocktail party, Amber rudely said, “I’m going to go put on some lip gloss or something” and walked away. It was obnoxious and really unkind to intentionally exclude another person and make her feel ostracized. Especially since Amber also tried to force Jubilee into being confronted by some of the other women and spoke about her in a mocking tone right in front of her face.

6. Ben Not Giving Lace Enough Eye Contact

This might not have actually been offensive to fans, but apparently it was insulting enough to get Lace very peeved about it. Lace felt like Ben did not give her enough eye contact during the first rose ceremony. Even though he gave her a rose and wanted her to stick around on the show, she was still pretty angry and pulled him aside to talk about just how insulting it was.

The Bachelor's 20th season is full of drama and it is not even over yet. Hopefully, going forward, the drama just comes from the remaining love triangle and no one else gets offended in the process.

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