Xo & Alba Fight On 'Jane The Virgin' When A Major Secret Gets Revealed

If there's one thing we know about the Villanueva family, it's that they're extremely close. However, even if the closest of families aren't immune from the occasional big fight that many households face and Monday night's episode of Jane the Virgin delivered quite a doozy. I might as well just come out and say it. (Pull it off like a bandaid as it were.) Xo and Alba had a major fight about sex on Jane the Virgin , and I'm not talking about a little spat that was easily blown over in the next scene. I'm talking about a whopper of an argument. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Last week, Alba admitted to Jane that she had been with another man before marrying Jane's grandfather. This was obviously a huge surprise considering how big of deal she's always reprimanded Jane and Xo to never have sex before marriage. So, naturally, it was only a matter of time until Xo found out as well. And sure enough, she stumbled across a bunch of online messages between her mother and former lover, Pablo, and discovered the truth. Suffice to say, she was pretty furious about it. Not only did this make Alba a hypocrite, but it also means that she had shamed her daughter for years about something that she herself had done as well.

As you can imagine, feelings escalated, tempers rose, and Xo stormed off into her room to cool off. And while Alba at first thought that Xo was overreacting (which was why she hadn't told her), Jane calmly told Alba that her mom was right to be upset. Thankfully, this eventually led to a reconciliation later on in the episode where Alba apologized for making her feel so full of shame. Xo forgave on one condition: that she share all the dirty details about her romantic night with Pablo. So clearly things were back to normal and thank goodness for that.

I understand, of course, why the fight happened, but I love this family so much that it's difficult to see any of them fight, even if it's only temporarily. Let's just hope that this revelation will make their relationship stronger than ever.

Image: Eddy Chen/The CW