Tom Schwartz & Lisa Horse Around On 'Pump Rules'

Reality television isn't all Diamonds and Rosé the miniature horses, but it should be. On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie and Tom Schwartz reveal that boss Lisa Vanderpump has generously agreed to host their engagement party at her menagerie/abode. One afternoon, Tom Schwartz stops by Villa Rosa to discuss the logistics of the party with Lisa. He lets himself in through the house's giant glass doors, and within a matter of moments, manages to let Ken’s pet miniature horses into the living room. Tom Schwartz quickly recognizes the error he has made. He tries and fails to guide the horses back to the backyard before Lisa finds out what has happened. And with that, The Great Villa Rosa Miniature Equine Chase of 2015 begins.

As Tom Schwartz attempts to corral the small steeds, a bathrobe-clad Lisa saunters down the staircase. The Queen of SUR is stunned by the mess she’s stumbled upon. And then, the viewers at home find out something major: Ken’s miniature horses are named Diamonds and Rosé. As in, “Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé, but it should be.” Ken and Lisa named the miniature horses after Lisa's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tagline. Be still my heart.

Schwartzy and Lisa Vander-robe frantically chase Diamonds and Rosé throughout the pristine foyer of Villa Rosa. This goes on for maybe two minutes. The only thing the scene is missing is the Benny Hill theme. When this show decides it is going to give the viewers at home a gift, it truly does pull out every last clop, er, stop.

This is...

my favorite...

show of...

all time.

Images: Bravo (4)