Nadia Aboulhosn's Skintight Jumpsuit Is Giving Bodycon Inspiration To All Big Girls — PHOTOS

When it comes to this new era of curve modeling, one of the most celebrated names in the game is arguably Los Angeles-based blogger, designer, and model Nadia Aboulhosn — a down to earth queen who keeps it real with her funny Snapchats and laid-back style. Nadia Aboulhosn's latest blog post "Skin Tight" is the epitome of what makes her style so uniquely hers. It's simple in a way that seems anything but calculated.

Aboulhosn is the kind of casual beauty not often seen in the plus size world. Not because consumers and blog readers don't want to see people with styles like hers, but because minimalism isn't usually appreciated on plus size women in the same way that it's celebrated on straight size bloggers and models.

Thankfully, Aboulhosn is paving the way and proving that any and all of the "plus size fashion rules" social dogma might want to throw at us simply won't stick. The bodycon jumpsuit she's rocking in "Skin Tight" is the basic catsuit by Downtown Virgo (available up to a size 3XL). It is both casual and clingy, but looks perfect paired with other plain items, like a white cap, blue sunglasses, a denim jacket (oversized, of course), and simple, gray Adidas sneakers.

The look is pulled together with a dark MAC lipstick (in the shade Verve), and the ensemble is the embodiment of how to do athleisure, no matter what your size or shape.

Personally, Aboulhosn gives me confidence through her own. She's all about self-belief, without which she might not be as successful as she is today. The proof for what self love and body positivity can do for a person is right here. Not only does Aboulhosn run a successful fashion blog, but she also has an impressive modeling career (featuring collaborations with Boohoo Plus and Addition Elle), and her very own app.

Combined with Aboulhosn's winning personality, this particular ensemble reveals why she's such an inspiration to almost 400,000 Instagram followers and just about 30,000 people on Twitter. Her willingness to sport skintight, low-cut, or otherwise unapologetic outfits as a curvier woman makes her a role model for many of us in the body positive community.

Despite her success, the designer/blogger/model still makes sure to keep many of her outfit posts affordable and accessible for her audience. Her blog has featured $35 catsuits and budget-friendly jackets, proving that she's one of the realest people currently in plus size modeling.

Speaking about this ensemble, Aboulhosn tells me via email, "My inspiration for this look was really the color palette. I wanted lighter colors with a dark lip that resembled early '90s. I like mixing super tight bodycon pieces with oversized loose jackets."

To recreate her look, here's what you'll need.

The Bodysuit

Basic Catsuit, $35,

Nothing says, "I love my body," more than decorating it in a bodysuit that'll show off your every curve and wobble with no apology.

The Jacket

Four-Pocket Denim Jacket, $34.99,

A similar light-wash jacket makes the perfect accessory to a catsuit.

The Sunnies

Le Specs Thunderdome 52mm Polarized Sunglasses, $79,

Stay on-trend and atleisure-perfect in a pair of bright sunnies.

The Cap

Plain Adjustable Velcro Baseball Cap, $6.45,

Wear it backwards for an ultimate '90s throwback.

The Sneaks

Adidas Originals Gazelle Gray Trainers, $118.60,

Nothing says "comfort and style" like a classic pair of Adidas.

The Lippie

MAC Lipstick In "Verve," $17,

Recreate Aboulhosn's sultry pout in a MAC lipstick.

The combination of skintight and shapeless garments, as well as casual-wear with intense makeup, is often something plus size women are told to avoid in order to keep the attention off their bodies and appear to look more "flattering." But Aboulhosn is proving that these so-called rules are absurd, and that the best style for our bodies is always going to be our own personal brand.

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Images: Courtesy Nadia Aboulhosn