8 Empowering Women To Follow On YouTube This International Women's Day & Beyond — VIDEOS

Believe it or not, beauty vlogs are more than just a way to relax at the end of the day. From the informative content to the women themselves, it's time we start celebrating empowering beauty vloggers for their courage, storytelling skills, and, of course, their fabulous tutorials. YouTube Spaces showed just how influential beauty vloggers are in a video for International Women's Day called 100 Years of Incredible Women, which stars seven of the social media platform's biggest stars. It's clear that the future of powerful women is off to a great start!

To celebrate some of the most influential female faces on YouTube, the company had seven popular vloggers — Anna Akana, GloZell, Alexys Fleming, Jout Jout, Nilan, Em Ford, and Kumamiki — dress up as fearless women from history. What better way to celebrate International Women's Day that to combine amazing women of the past and the present? If you assume that beauty tutorials and fun vlogs are all these women are about, think again.

These YouTube personalities are way more than pretty faces. They're banning together to encourage girls and women of every age to get their voices out there and to learn about women's history. "This project and what it stands for is more important than ever at this moment in time. We need to educate ourselves and our children about powerful women throughout history," GloZell told InStyle.

Say what you will about vloggers, but they're more influential than you might think. Many of them go way beyond the makeup table and dive into topics like cyber-bullying and LGBTQ rights. They're there for their virtual community when it comes to sharing their voice and their advice, so it's time we celebrate these nine vloggers this International Women's Day.

1. Em Ford

Last year, Ford did a social media experiment where she posted only makeup-free photos on social media. Her experiment showed how influential harsh words can be, but also how important it is to not base your self-worth on other people's opinions.

2. GloZell

Along with her crazy challenges and her beauty tips, GloZella also loves to spread awareness through her YouTube interviews. She's talked to everyone from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton and gets real about tons of topics from surrogacy to entrepreneurial skills.

3. Ingrid Nilsen

Nilsen is anything but your typical beauty blogger. On top of doing awesome makeup tutorials and sharing skin tips, she does informational videos on everything from how to volunteer to what to wear when you have your period. She made headlines in 2015 when she came out publicly in an empowering video posted to her channel.

4. Anna Akana

If you're looking for entertainment, Akana's your girl. She does awesome tutorials and hilarious videos, and also addresses topics like asking people out and how to get healthy.

5. Alexys Fleming

Fleming is a licensed aesthetician and self-taught makeup artist who creates so many stunning beauty looks, but isn't afraid to dive deep into controversial topics on her channel either.

6. Nilam

Her channel is super diverse and dives into everything from food and travel to fashion and beauty. She loves sharing her experiences with others, and it's something that can be appreciated by many.

7. Jaclyn Hill

Although she's known for her awesome makeup skills, Hill talks about self-love, how to cope with anxiety, and cyber-bullying in many of her videos as well. She loves her fans, which is what makes following her on social media so great.

8. Kumamiki

Kumamiki might have started her channel to share Japanese Kawaii culture with the world, but it soon grew into something much bigger than that.

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