You Could Wear These Lorelai Gilmore Outfits Today

If you're out on the road feeling lonely and unfashionable just re-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix and look at Lorelai Gilmore's outfits for some 2016 reboot inspiration. Yes, the the Gilmore Girls are known for their notoriously bad fashion even in the early '00s era. However, there is also a lot of good to be taken out of the outfits of both Lorelai Gilmores. Both women knew how to rock both solids and patterns. They also slayed at outerwear and Friday Night Dinner outfits.

As a six foot tall teenager, I related more to the style and body of Lorelai rather than Rory. So, I took more of my fashion cues from her. This meant v-neck dresses, cut-off jeans, corduroy fleece-lined jackets, jeans, sweaters, and tall boots. I also now heavily relate to both a pizza and coffee addiction, so I am much more like her than I ever thought I would be back in the day.

So, without further ado, here are some Lorelai Gilmore outfits that would hold up today. If you want to reminisce, and gain some inspiration for your next shopping trip, look no further than these graphic tees, dresses, and killer jackets.

1. Graphic Tees

I doubt that Lorelai actually thinks that Heavy Metal Rules, but her use of graphic tees is definitely metal. Also, that pizza is so metal and now I'm distracted.

2. Cut-Off Jorts

These adorable jean shorts with cut-offs are so Summer 2016. I'm happy that they're still fashionable a decade later.

3. The Cut-Out LBD

This hot LBD with the cut-out v-neck and high neckline tie are definitely NYC nightclub approved. Lorelai owns a lot of these kinds of little black dresses. For example. . .

4. The Halter LBD

Lorelai looks hot in one of the saddest episodes for Rory ever. She also rocks a killer bright red lip.

5. This Lacy Matchy Dress-Cardigan Combo

I described it the way she would describe it without coffee. She looks like fire and I could totally see wearing this to work tomorrow.

6. The Pink Coat

This pink army coat is worth freaking out over. It's totally fetch for spring.

7. The Perfect Fall Outfit

This is my go-to every fall: a flannel button-down and nice cardigan with jeans and boots.

8. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

You totally rocked one of these this Christmas. Don't lie to yourself.

9. All-Leather Blazers

All leather or even partial leather blazers are so in. Although, you may want to switch to the pastel Pantone colors for Spring.

10. Leather Hot Pants

Eddie Murphy is not the only one who can wear leather hot pants anymore. Additionally, her jacket is faux fur trimmed. You would so wear that.

11. This Camel Coat

Lorelai Gilmore knew how to rock a camel coat long before Gigi Hadid ever came along.

12. This Sheer Black Top

It looks like something straight out of Zara. You should get it for work and wear it under that leather blazer. A perfect day-to-night transition, right?

13. Metallics!

Look at this metallic silver slip dress. That is so NYFW 2016.

14. The '90s Throwback

I'm pretty sure I just saw this sleeveless turtleneck sweater at a store yesterday. I think my cousin got it in black.

15. The Coachella Flower Crown

You know you're totally guilty of donning one of these fake flower crowns at Coachella once a year.

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Images: The CW (15)