Lorelai Gilmore's Most Memorable Outfits

Gilmore Girls' Lorelai Gilmore was a lot of things: A mother, a business owner, a caffeine addict, and... a fashion icon? OK, that last one is subjective. Throughout seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai was fearless in her fashion choices. Sometimes, that meant rocking a funky T-shirt and casual jeans, and other times it meant putting together a multi-layered ensemble that seemed to have burst forth from the imagination of Salvador Dalí. Lorelai's closet was eclectic to say the least, and narrowing down her most memorable outfits is no easy task. However, as a Gilmore Girls fan, I had to give it a shot though.

Memorable and bad are not synonymous to me, so while some of the outfits that made the list are hilariously dated (it's OK, Lorelai, it was the early '00s), some of them are timeless ensembles, and a few are just so perfectly Lorelai that I could not bear to leave them off the list. The one thing they all have in common is that no one else could have rocked these ensembles with the same amount of confidence and swagger that Lorelai Gilmore did. Whether you loved or hated Lorelai's passion for bandanas, bold patterns, and sweater vests, you have to admire her fearless approach to fashion. She wore what she loved and she wore everything proudly — even when the mix of patterns threatened to give others headaches. Honestly, I admire that in a person.

The First Outfit

Lorelai's first outfit in the series! It is notable for being remarkable foreshadowing of what would come later, sartorially: questionable hats, casual layers, pink, and a smattering of jewelry (is it a watch? Is it a bracelet? The world will never know, unless someone captures a better screenshot). It's very late '90s/early '00s, but, overall, it's not a terrible look.

Well, aside from the knit hat indoors. Does Luke not have a heater?

The Laundry Day Look

What does Lorelai wear on laundry day? A tie-dye pink T-shirt, cutoff jeans and, hilariously, cowboy boots. Come on, Lorelai, your clothes may be at the dry cleaner's, but where have all your shoes gone? (Personally, I suspect she just really loved those boots).

The Brown Catastrophe

I cannot defend this one. There is just so much brown. And tan. And black. Where have all the colors gone? I don't know what kind of shoes she is wearing, but I'm guessing they are somewhere on the brown spectrum. Really, this sucker is just memorable because it is the polar opposite of every other outfit Lorelai ever wore.

The Patriotic Yard Sale Look

To organize a huge Stars Hollow yard sale, Lorelai decided to go patriotic... however, her idea of patriotic involved this deconstructed American flag shirt. She is also wearing one of her many, many bandanas... which does not help pull this look together at all.

The Post-Engagement Look

Lorelai was engaged at this point in the series, and had clearly decided to let Max see the full extent of her fashion tastes. As bad as the shirt is (although it was fairly stylish for the time, I guess), what I find most egregious is that someone as into daring fashion choices as Lorelai was would pick out such a standard, boring pair of glasses.

The Throwback Dress

How stunning was Lorelai during the dance marathon? I'll answer: very stunning. Her old-school, '40s flavored dress is flawless. In my opinion, this is easily Lorelai's best look ever.

The Bucket Hat

The pink dress is not terrible if I ignore the lace trim at the top — and I can even live with the gigantic rose pendant! That said, though, Lorelai definitely should have trusted the old "take off the last thing you put on" rule of fashion in regards to that hat. (Although, I'm one to talk — I had a bucket hat or two in the early '00s myself.)

Oh, and have this as a bonus:

The Baby Shower Look

Look, I'm calling it: between this shirt and the cowboy boots, Lorelai not-so-secretly wanted to join the rodeo.

The Twins Look

Technically, Lorelai had to wear this red power suit for a fashion show, but I still think it's awesome in a band director kind of way. Plus, just look how adorable she and Emily are together!

The Graduation Day Dress

Lorelai went for a stunning, red, lacy look for Rory's Chilton graduation and she could not have been more beautiful — it's effortlessly elegant and totally Lorelai all at once.

The Funeral Look

Nothing says funeral like an artist's cap, am I right?

Whatever This Is

This outfit has haunted me for years. It's from "In the Clamor and the Clangor," the same episode that featured the funeral look, but it only appears in one scene. Why is Lorelai wearing this...thing? Is it a sweater? Is it made of Lycra? What is that flouncy thing she is wearing under it? Why does she own this? Why do we never see it again? Did Rory perform a ritual to destroy it? I have so many questions.

The Wedding Look

Ah, now this is more like it. There's soft pink, a timeless pattern, and a floral crown that is super in right now — spot-on fashion choices for the night you figured out Luke could waltz, Lorelai.

The "I'm Sad, But Just Look At My Coat" Look

This is an incredibly touching scene, but I am always distracted by just how much I covet Lorelai's elegant coat.

When Layers Attack

On their own, all of this pieces work just fine — but put them together, and they start to confuse my brain. I'm willing to cut Lorelai some slack since this is the outfit she wore to pick up Rory from jail, but the tweedy green jacket over the lightweight pink cardigan... which is then placed over patterned black T-shirt is too much.

The Engagement Dress

I love everything this outfit chooses to be, right down to the sequins in the dress that you can only see when they catch the light.

The Curious Case Of The Long Necklace

Lorelai wears the longest necklace known to man in this scene, and no one comments on it. I also want to direct your attention to her...shirt? I'm going to call it a shirt. Or, maybe it's a shirt/kimono hybrid? A tunic? It's definitely something.

The Full Circle Look

And here we are, back to the start: funky hat, all the patterns, some pink, and the one accessory Lorelai truly could not live without: coffee. That's my girl.

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