Karlie Kloss Underwent A Major Hair Change

Some celebrities change up their hair with their every mood (hint: Kylie Jenner), and we have gotten pretty used it. Others stick to one or two go-to styles, so when they undergo a makeover, it's usually pretty shocking, which is exactly the case with one recent star. Karlie Kloss debuted blue hair on Tuesday, and it's quite the departure from her usual sandy-colored strands.

The supermodel took to Instagram to reveal her new 'do with the caption, "mermaid vibes on set." Mermaid-like, indeed. Kloss' locks looked as if they had been dip-dyed in a seafoam blue color, with a sharp ombre type of effect that goes from dirty blonde to electric cobalt. After closely examining the photo, though, I wondered — did Kloss actually dye her hair blue? My prediction is probably not.

Let's look at the facts. We know this makeover is for a modeling gig, hence the caption saying "on set," and we know that models' hair is often altered for different shoots. Remember when Kendall Jenner went blonde for Vogue 's Alice In Wonderland themed shoot? It turned out to be just a wig. Also, Kloss' mane appears a bit longer than usual, which leads me to believe that the bright blue hue is probably the work of some killer extensions.

Check out the fierce new color.

Pretty badass, if you ask me.

Kloss may not be one to go wild with her hair on the regular, but she has experimented subtly with her tresses before. Let's take a look.

1. Red & Voluminous

Sure, it was probably just a wig, but she looks barely recognizable with this striking style.

2. Super Blonde

This is my favorite color on her.

3. Ultra Long & Golden

Long hair, don't care.

4. Layers

Love this choppy, textured look.

5. Red & Sleek

This girl can pull off just about any color.

6. Blunt Bob

The short bob style suits her well.

7. Light Brown

A brunette Kloss looks super sweet.

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