Ways To Snap Out Of It When You Feel Totally Off

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So there you are at work, staring off into space, and everything feels boring. You think going home for some free time will help. But nope, still boring. Even hanging out with your best friends doesn't feel right. No matter what you do, life has officially become "blah." When this happens, it's time to look for ways to snap yourself out of a funk.

Because let's be honest — feeling like this can be alarming. You once loved your job, and going out with your friends, and spending Sunday evenings decoupaging your dresser. And now none of it sparks any joy. Instead of feeling inspired and zestful, you feel burnt out with a pervasive "I don't give AF" attitude towards everything. No fun at all.

Luckily, it's not that hard to get your creative wheels turning, to rediscover what you like about your job, or to find hobbies interesting again. You can go from trudging through life and wondering why you have your career/hobbies/friends/partner/etc. to re-remembering what you loved about all of those things in the first place.

If everything's got you down and you don't know why, then try out these tips for snapping out of it, and enjoying life once again.

1. Get Dressed Up And Go Out

Boredom can feel heavy. So much so that it's often easier to shack up on the couch, throw in the proverbial towel, and never leave the house again. But you gotta resist this urge, as it won't do you any favors when it comes to feeling inspired again.

According to Gala Darling on her website, "Even though you might swear that nothing will feel better than staying in your grey sweatpants and lying in a horizontal position, I’m here to break it to you. You’re wrong! Use a bit of soap and some mascara. Resist the urge to dress in black head-to-toe. Lace up your sneaker wedges and head out into the world... and remember that this sinking feeling, this despair, this existential crisis, is temporary. This too will pass. I promise."

2. Try Changing Your Body Language

If you're just not feeling it, try changing how you stand. It's been shown that a powerful stance that takes up room can offer a pretty big confidence boost. As noted on, "Amy Cuddy and researchers at Harvard Business School found that the more expansive you are — roll your shoulders back, firmly plant your feet, open your chest and keep your head up — the more confident you feel and the more confident others perceive you." Give it a try, and see if you feel a bit more perked up.

3. Go After A Runner's High

Even if you hate running, there's something to be said for the natural pick-me-up that is the runner's high. So if you're feeling less than delighted with life, trying moving around a bit more for some of those sweet, sweet endorphins. As Vanessa Van Edwards noted on, "Endorphins are released by our body naturally in response to pain and stress. Endorphins are crucial to quelling our anxiety and are our body's natural way of fighting the blues.

4. Do Something Creative Right Now

Sometimes you just gotta get back to decoupaging your dresser, or whatever other creative pursuits sound interesting.

Sure, you used to decoupage your dresser, but now that seems boring. Don't let old projects weigh you down. Get creative, and go nuts with a new idea. According to Darling, "One of the easiest ways to get yourself out of a funky mental situation is to do something creative, because it forces you to use another part of your brain. (Art therapy exists for a reason!) Don’t put any pressure on yourself: you don’t have to write the next Great American Novel! Just take it slow and have fun."

Might I suggest an adult coloring book, writing a chapter (just one) for your novel, or going berserk with a canvas and paints? Sometimes just messing around in an artsy fartsy way can jolt you back to life.

5. Interpretive Dance It Out

In the same vein as getting creative, you might be able to bust out of your funk with a little interpretive dance. I think it would work because we spend so much of our lives in three positions: sitting down, standing up, or laying horizontally. It doesn't really leave much room for the imagination, and your body can start to feel stuck.

So turn on some music and do your thing. Who cares if it looks dumb? Just have fun twirling around your house, and see if it makes you feel like "you" again.

6. Start Laughing It Up

When was the last time you really lost it and laughed uncontrollably? If it's been a while, then go see a comedy show, watch some funny videos on Youtube, or call up your most hilarious friend. Laughing has the incredible ability to fix even the sourest of moods, which will come in handy when you're feeling low. As Peter Doskoch noted on, laughter indirectly stimulates those endorphins we were talking about, which help boost the mood.

7. If All Else Fails, Talk To A Doctor

Sometimes feeling "blah" can be a sign of depression. You know, the whole "loss of interest" thing? Keep this in mind as a possibility, especially if you can't shake your apathy.

"If you just can’t seem to regulate your thoughts, if you’re thinking about suicide or how much better life would be if you ceased to exist, it’s essential that you talk to a professional. Feeling this way is not your 'fault,' and it doesn’t make you defective or flawed. It’s just an illness that needs to be treated — and urgently," Darling noted.

Everyone feels "blah" from time to time. But if your days have started to feel super, extra boring, then look for ways to shake yourself back to life.

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