Visual Proof That Jon Snow Is Dead In The 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Trailer— PHOTO

If you were iffy about the topic before, the latest Game Of Thrones Season 6 trailer seems to be pointing in the direction of Jon Snow's ultimate demise. That's right. Jon Snow is dead. Despite Season 5 showing us the horrific stabbing of the beloved character, many fans still didn't want to say goodbye just yet. However, as the Season 6 trailer begins, the audience is hit with the sad reality, because camera pans into the very spot where Jon Snow's lifeless body lies. And, sadly, there is nothing but emptiness and blood followed by Ser Davos' voice saying those dreaded words: "He's gone."

Yep. The Jon Snow saga may officially be over. In fact, Kit Harington (the actor who plays Jon Snow) has even recently confirmed the death of his character in an interview with Time Out London. In it, he says he was, in fact, on set for filming of Season 6 — but not in the way most fans would have hoped. “I filmed some scenes of me being dead," Kit laughed, "It’s some of my best work.” However, was he really just there to play a dead body? While Harington is said to have continued to dodge questions about what might happen next in Season 6, we do know that one thing is true. He definitely was on-set to play a dead body, and here is the visual proof from the newly released trailer.

Although our favorite characters seem to be hitting hard times — and Jon Snow seems to be officially gone — the trailer is also said to provide some hope that things might not all be as they seem. Over the course of Game Of Thrones, many characters have in fact been able to come back to life (just look at Catelyn Stark as one example). And, with one brief moment in the trailer, there's hope that perhaps Jon Snow can come back as well. A moment occurs at 1:13 where it appears as if his lifeless body may be in for some resurrection. Just take a look at the new trailer for yourself and make your own conclusions.

So, is Jon Snow actually dead? As of right now, yes. As of April 24 when Season 6 of Game Of Thrones premieres, well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Images: GameOfThrones/YouTube