Bingee, A Binge-Watching Group App, Lets You Marathon Your Faves With The Whole Squad

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We are all of us guilty of holding up traffic in the intersection of "I should really hang out with my human friends tonight" and "but I can stream all of 30 Rock from my beeeeeeedddd". But as of 2016, you'll be able to kill all your lazy birds with one stone using bingee, a binge-watching group app that lets you marathon television with other people online. Available as an app on the iPhone or iPad, the concept is pretty simple. You can binge watch your shows with other people in two ways — either by joining a public bingee with other viewers, or setting up a private one for you and your friends. Once the bingee group is set up on your second screen (a phone or a tablet), you can start the binge-watching marathon on your first screen (a laptop or a television), and voilà! You can watch your television in live time with other people and chat back and forth about your low key fan fiction fantasy of being BFFs with Olivia Pope.

Basically this is the toned down version of tweeting a live event, without the pressure of having to sound clever enough that your Twitter crush will retweet you and without sitting through a bunch of commercials advertising things for kids you don't have. Hooray!


"The rapid rise in binge-watching coupled with our increasing need for connecting with others confirms it’s the right time for bingee,” said bingee co-founder Jason Harrison. “Watching your favorite show alone is entertaining, yet watching together doubles the fun factor and deepens the experience."

You can connect with other friends by inviting them to the platform on Facebook or Tumblr, or take a look at the schedule and see if there's a preexisting bingee you want to sign yourself up for. And once you're with a bunch of people who are similarly wasting all the light of day on beautiful television benders, you can feel a lot more justified in your life choices. Plus nothing beats hanging out with your #squad without having to bother putting on pants.

NOW the only thing you have to overcome is the crippling indecision of what the hell to watch of your infinity choices on all your streaming devices. Enjoy your existential crisis — at least this time you're all in this together.

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