Donald Trump's Extravagant Branded Goodies At His Super Tuesday 2 Press Conference Surprised Absolutely No One

Following a truly unforgettable Super Tuesday press conference that involved the widest range of saddening Chris Christie facial expressions, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump had no one to one-up but himself when Super Tuesday 2 came around on March 8. And with attacks abound in recent days by fellow Republicans including Mitt Romney and Trump's opposing candidates on the billionaire's past business ventures, Americans should have foreseen Trump would do everything in his power to prove the critics wrong. So when Donald Trump served Trump-brand wine, water, and steaks at his Super Tuesday 2 conference, it was to the surprise of pretty much no one.

News of the Trump conference going quite literally all-out Trump came as press conference attendees noticed staff setting up displays of the branded goods. The stacks of water bottles wrapped in plastic — which bring to mind a summer camp's pantry more so than a classy presidential election event — may have looked odd next to the many rows of wine, but it's all about getting the product to the people, right?

And in that same vein, Trump couldn't be so cruel to folks at the conference as to refuse them the opportunity to try a bite of one of those steaks or take a few sips of Trump Chardonnay. The White House hopeful didn't only show off a few of his best business ideas of the past, he took Super Tuesday 2 as an opportunity to do a combination news conference/tasting event, FOX News political producer Nick Kalman reported.

When the spotlight turns to Trump at the podium, however, the press would need to lay off the goodies and return to merely gazing at the drinks and high-quality meat from afar. Fortunately, Trump's campaign team made that pretty easy for conference guests to do, since one prominent display was set up directly next to the GOP candidate's spot on stage.

But reporters being reporters, there was some questioning about the authenticity of the branded food stuffs. Considering the sale of the steaks was discontinued by its retailer, The Sharper Image, you couldn't blame conference attendees for thinking twice when spotting the stacks of red meat.

Surely Trump would have ensured more than enough steaks were available to buyers, though, so what's less surprising than the displays themselves is that the businessman would have a few leftovers. Beware freezer burn.