Can Marco Rubio Still Win After Super Tuesday 2? The Odds Are Not In His Favor

Marco Rubio has faced some harsh reality over the course of the Republican primaries in this election cycle. The Florida senator has only two wins under his belt so far — in Minnesota and Puerto Rico — and some of his advisers have reportedly suggested that he suspend his campaign before Florida's primary on March 15, because it could potentially hurt his political career going forward if he loses there. After all, it is his home state. With no wins and no delegates secured in the latest round, can Marco Rubio still win after Super Tuesday 2?

After an unfortunate start in Mississippi, where he fought for last place with Ben Carson, who recently dropped out, Rubio has zero wins to show for Super Tuesday 2, which also saw Republican polls open in Idaho, Michigan, and Hawaii. His chances of winning were low in all of the states, where the contests were almost exclusively between businessman Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. In Hawaii, Trump quickly won with 45.2 percent of the vote, followed by Cruz with 32.1 percent. Rubio found himself in third place yet again there, with 12 percent of the vote.

Rubio currently holds only 151 total delegates, and would need to obtain 1,086 more to secure the Republican presidential nomination at the Party's convention in Cleveland in July. But his odds of getting those numbers at the rate he's currently going don't look good. Based on the turnout so far, it looks like Cruz and Trump will be head-to-head for the remainder of the primaries, as establishment politicians have begun rallying behind Cruz to stop Trump.

Even so, that's not stopping Rubio from continuing on the campaign trail. The Florida Senator spoke with ABC News correspondent and anchor Tom Llamas in Michigan, telling him, "We're an underdog, there’s no doubt about it. And you know what? America is a nation of underdogs. I've always been an underdog.” Rubio still seems hopeful about his chances of winning the GOP nomination, with the Republican primary in Florida coming up — although even there, he is polling behind Trump.

With almost half of the states having voted already and only two wins in his court so far, it seems highly unlikely that Rubio still has even the slightest chance of winning the GOP nomination after Super Tuesday 2. But we can only wait and see what happens as two big winner-take-all states (Ohio and Florida) hold their primaries on March 15.