15 Unique Ways To Use Faux Fur

by Rebecca Deczynski

Interior design trends come and go, but somehow, it’s always impossible to resist falling for them — especially when they’re beyond glamorous-looking. From lush Mongolian fur to faux sheepskin, there are plenty of ways to indulge in some faux fur home decor that give off a majorly elegant and cozy vibe without completely breaking your budget. With a little faux fur in the right places, it’s easy to make your home feel luxurious with just a few simple room additions.

A bit of faux Mongolian fur can do wonders. A sheepskin-inspired rug will always be classic, but there are so many other opportunities to have fun with your decor. Prop a fuzzy pillow on a sofa to give it an instantly cozy look. Place a fur-covered ottoman in your living room for bonus seating in minimal space. You can even attain a super luxurious vibe by draping a full-on faux fur throw over an armchair. Getting cozy has never been easier.

After you finish spring cleaning your home, look into getting a few new accents to switch things up a bit. Faux fur isn’t just for winter, and with the right piece, you can completely change the look of a room. These 15 pieces of decor do the trick.

1. Natural Flokati Stool

Natural flokati stool, $80, W orldmarket

Inspired by Greek flokati wool shag rugs, this affordable stool uses faux fur to attain a look that's still completely lush. Put it in your living room to warm things up a bit.

2. Faux Fur Eco Lounger

Faux fur eco lounger, $250, PB teen

Need a spot to snuggle into and get some reading done (or, you know, some movie watching)? A giant faux fur chair may just be the answer.

3. Mongolian Faux Fur Oversized Pillow

Mongolian faux fur oversized pillow, $79, U rbanoutfitters

A 24-inch square pillow makes a bold accent in any case, but when it's completely fuzzy? Game-changer.

4. Ivory Faux Fur Pouf

Ivory faux fur pouf, $180, Amazon

Who needs a heavy ottoman when a furry cube does a great job of providing extra seating and leg space? An off-white color blends into most design schemes easily.

5. OJIA Pink Faux Fur Pillow Cover

OJIA pink faux fur pillow cover, $18, A mazon

A bright pink pillow is a sweet room touch that's not too saccharine.

6. Mongolian Lamb Faux Fur Blanket

Mongolian lamb faux fur blanket, $137, W ayfair

Drape this throw blanket over your shoulders and you're guaranteed to look and feel like royalty. Or, just drape it elegantly across a couch.

7. Bombay Devina Faux Fur Metal Ottoman

Bombay Devina faux fur metal ottoman, $120, T arget

Metal legs give this ottoman a sleek look and an easy way to keep your legs propped as you lounge.

8. Urban Shop Faux Fur Task Chair

Urban Shop faux fur task chair, $66, Walmart

Looking for an easy way to amp up your home office? A cozy swivel chair will do the trick precisely. This one is cute, but not too extravagant that it will look out of place.

9. Oversized Sherpa Floor Pillow

Oversized sherpa floor pillow $120, PBteen

Plop this pillow anywhere, and you'll be set with an instant lounging location. It's the perfect long length so you'll always be comfy.

10. Faux Flokati Upholstered Bench

Faux flokati upholstered bench, $230, Worldmarket

With white legs, the vibe of this bench is more modern than rustic. Still, a covering of faux sheepskin helps it to add interesting texture to a room.

11. Fur Effect Cushion Covers

Fur effect cushion covers, $30, Z arahome

Fluffy grey pillows are a more unexpected and chic alternative to classic off-white faux fur. Use these for a contemporary look.

12. Iced Fox Faux Fur Blanket

Iced fox faux fur blanket, $77, W ayfair

A realistic-looking faux fur blanket gives off some Nordic flair. And with soft fur on both sides, it's bound to keep you cozy.

13. Mongolian Cross Leg Stool

Mongolian cross leg stool, $280, A llmodern

Acrylic legs are the answer for small spaces. This delightful ottoman is subtle enough to not make your living room look crowded, but still brings its own charm.

14. Safavieh Haven Faux Sheepskin Rug

Safavieh Haven faux sheepskin rug, $144, Target

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a plain faux sheepskin to add an accent to a hardwood floor.

15. Faux Fur Butterfly Chair

Faux fur butterfly chair, $129, PBteen

Even if you live in a dorm room (or if you just want to make a camping trip feel more glamorous), it's totally possible to get some luxe fur in a small space. This butterfly chair is transportable.

Images: World Market (2); PB Teen (3); Urban Outfitters; Amazon; Wayfair (2); Walmart; Target (2); Zara Home; All Modern