'Ghostbusters' International Trailer Gives Chris Hemsworth More Screentime & More Development — VIDEO

Watching the original trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot, it's hard to feel like anything is missing, because it's perfection, but what if I told you that the international Ghostbusters trailer has double the Chris Hemsworth? That would perk your ears up pretty quickly, right? I thought so. With so many movies with a core male cast and a woman thrown in as (albeit talented) eye candy, it's kind of refreshing to have that formula switched on us. You got your ball-busting, no-nonsense Ghostbusters, in the form of Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon, and then you've got Chris Hemsworth over there as a bonus, dazzling us with his charm and flexing his muscles.

And also, you know, furthering the story. Because that's what's cool about the international trailer; it gives us a lot more information about his character. You know, just in case any of us were starting to think of Hemsworth as just a pretty face. And I mean you guys, not me. Cough cough. Our boy did appear in the original trailer, of course, but it was really only for a glimpse in the midst of all the lady badassery, more as confirmation that he's in the movie than anything else. But now that we've solidified that strength of those core four, we have some time to flesh out the role played by Hemsworth the Elder. So let's see what we've learned.

1. His Name Is Kevin

We already knew this, but they say it out loud in the trailer, so I'm ready to etch it in stone.

2. He Has His Accent

God bless.

3. He's A Part Of The Team

There's a moment when he says "we need to build something." We.

4. He Rides A Motorcycle

Because of course he does.

5. He Can Read

At least well enough to see the employment notice, and come apply for the job. Very important straight in a receptionist.

5. He Has Some Graphic Design Experience

They asked him to work up a new logo. More on that later.

6. He's Smart

Did you peep those thick-rimmed glasses? Those did not sneak by me.

7. But Not That Smart

He put big old bazoombas on the logo and couldn't comprehend that, if the 'Busters didn't like them, making them bigger wasn't going to help.

8. He Hasn't Slacked On Working Out

I mean come on.

Check out the trailer below.

I don't know about you, but I have a much fuller picture of what to expect from Chris Hemsworth's character in Ghostbusters now. As well as a much fuller picture of his biceps, which is also much appreciated.

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