Mia Farrow Makes Her Views On Daughter Dylan Farrow’s Open Letter Clear

After Dylan Farrow's open letter about Woody Allen's alleged sexual abuse was published in The New York Times on Feb. 1, there have been seemingly constant responses coming from her family members as well as from the public. Now, Dylan's mother Mia Farrow has spoken out on Twitter making it clear that, while she supports her daughter, Dylan's letter is just that, Dylan's letter.

Mia wrote on her account, "I love my daughter. I will always protect her. A lot of ugliness is going to be aimed at me. But this is not about me, it's about her truth."

A number of fans retweeted Mia and wrote responses. One of these came from William Shatner who wrote, "@MiaFarrow Those that know you will never judge you. The rest can go to h*ll! ;-) Bill."

Mia's tweet came soon after Allen's lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz, went on the Today show and said, "[Dylan] was a pawn in a huge fight between [Allen] and Mia Farrow years ago, and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother ... I think that it’s a continuation of Mia Farrow’s desire to hurt Woody Allen." It wouldn't be surprising if Farrow had heard about the things Abramowitz said, but it's possible she just wanted to get her statement out there for everyone who is judging the situation to hear.

Also since the letter was released, Dylan's brother, Moses, spoke with People magazine making it clear that he sides with Allen. Moses said, "My mother drummed it into me to hate my father for tearing apart the family and sexually molesting my sister and I hated him for her for years. I see now that this was a vengeful way to pay him back for falling in love with Soon-Yi.”

Mia obviously knows that there are going to be a lot of accusations pointed at her — information of the alleged abuse was originally released in 1992 after all, so she's not new to this — and her short tweet makes her views apparent without calling anyone out specifically. As for if there will be anyone else connected to either Allen or the Farrows speaking out, if the past few days are any indication that seems very likely.