California Is As Rich As Canada: Which Country Is As Wealthy As Your State?

America is one of the richest countries in the world, but did you know most of America's individual states are just as wealthy as developed nations? A map from Redditor Phaenthi has broken down the gross domestic product of each state, in comparison to the GDP of countries around the world.

The maps also show that while America is filthy rich overall, the distribution of wealth in the country is vastly unequal. President Obama addressed the issue in his State Of The Union speech, spotlighting on economic inequality and the administration's efforts to narrow the income gap.

But even so, Maine, with its population of 1,328,302, is just as rich as Uzbekistan. And California can basically be its own country. So what country is as wealthy as your state? Time to find out...

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California is as wealthy as…


California GDP: $2 trillion

Canada GDP: $1.821 trillion


Texas is as wealthy as…


Texas GDP: $1.397 trillion

Mexico GDP: $1.178 trillion


Minnesota is as wealthy as…


Minnesota GDP: $253 billion

Nigeria GDP: $262.6 billion

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New York

New York is as wealthy as…

South Korea.

New York GDP: $1.2 trillion

South Korea GDP: $1.13 trillion


Arizona is as wealthy as…

The Philippines.

Arizona GDP: $247 billion

Philippines GDP: $250.2 billion


Florida is as wealthy as…

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Florida GDP: $777 billion

Switzerland GDP: $631.2 billion


Montana is as wealthy as…

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Montana GDP: $40 billion

Ethiopia GDP: $41.61 billion

So what country is as rich as your state?

Image: Phaenthi/Reddit