Proof "Who Let The Dogs Out" Makes No Sense

by Vannessa Jackson

Every few years, I find myself pondering the existence of the 2000 song "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men. No matter how many years have passed since it was first released — nearly 16 years! — I can't wrap my mind around the fact that it was ever a famous song to begin with, because the lyrics make absolutely no sense. Don't get me wrong: Like most children lucky enough to be a preteen in the early '00s, I listened to this song incessantly. In fact, it seemed to be the only song I had on repeat for most of 2000-2002. However, while I will admit it was damn catchy, the lyrics to "Who Let the Dogs Out" make no sense.

Even though the lyrics are confusing, there is something to be said about a track that is so misunderstood, yet so loved by the masses. You can break it down all you want, but the lyrics aren't the most straightforward. No matter how many times I have listened to it — and trust me, it's been a lot — the lyrics still feel very disconnected from what the song is actually supposed to be about.

All I know is, after all these years, I'm still not sure who let the dogs out.

1. Who Let The Dogs Out?

Here's my first question: What dogs?

2. When The Party Was Nice/ The Party Was Bumpin'...

I totally understand what a bumpin' party is. What I don't understand is what party they are referring to, and why there are dogs there.

3. I Heard A Woman Shout Out

I was almost able to wrap my head around the dogs, but then they threw a random woman into the mix. Not sure how he applies to the rest of the song.

4. I See Ya' Little Speed Boat Head Up Our Coast

I'm like, 98 percent sure that this is a euphemism for some adult behavior, but I have no proof of that. Just a very strong feeling.

5. Get Back Cruffy, Back Scruffy/ Get Back, You Flea Infested Mongrel

I've always been confused about this lyric in particular. Are they referring to literal dogs now?

6. To Any Girls Calling Them Canine

Proof this song a thinly veiled reference to guys acting like animals.

7. Tell The Dummy, "Hey Man, It's Part of the Party!"

Again with the parties! What party?

8. You Put A Woman In Front And Her Man Behind/ Yippie, Yi, Yo

Still. So. Confused. Is this a sex thing?

9. Say, A Doggy Is Nothin' If He Don't Have A Bone

Wait what? Is this another sex thing? I LISTENED TO THIS SONG WHEN I WAS A CHILD.

10. Do You See The Rays Comin' From My Eye?

When did superpowers come into play?

11. That DJ Man Is Breakin' It Down/ Me And My White Short Shorts

To clarify, there is no need for any man to rock a pair of white short shorts. Like, ever.

I mean, based off of what The Baha Men claim this song is about, I guess I can vaguely understand by reading the lyrics. But like, also, why didn't they just be a bit more straightforward?

Still catchy, though.

Images: Karan Thakur/YouTube; Giphy (11)