Netflix Drama Starring Linda Cardellini & Kyle Chandler Should Become a Refuge for Once-Beloved TV Actors

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It may not premiere for at least another year, but we're already calling Netflix's latest project our new favorite show. The drama, a thriller centered around a family of adult siblings with dark secrets, has already cast Friday Night Lights ' Kyle Chandler as the black sheep oldest brother, and on Tuesday, it was announced that Freaks and Geeks vet Linda Cardellini would play his youngest sister.

As all TV fans know, Friday Night Lights and Freaks and Geeks are two of the best cancelled-too-early shows of all time. While Chandler and Cardellini have had no trouble getting parts since their series' respective ends, the Netflix drama will likely be their highest-profile roles yet. For fans of both shows, it's thrilling that the two adored actors are getting their time in the spotlight, and that they're coming together in such a big way.

The only thing that could make this even better? If more alums from beloved-yet-cancelled shows signed on as the remaining siblings. Here are some TV veterans we'd love to see come aboard Netflix's new series.

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