Spacey Reveals a 'House of Cards' Secret

Ever wondered who exactly Kevin Spacey is talking to on House of Cards when he breaks the fourth wall and starts speaking directly towards the camera? The natural answer should be us, the audience, but that apparently isn't true — sorry to make you feel any less special or whatever. In a recent round table with reporters on Tuesday, Kevin Spacey revealed that he imagines speaking to his best friend during those specific scenes in the series.

"Instead of thinking that I’m talking to lots and lots of people, I’m talking to my best friend," he explained. "The person I trust more than anyone."

Hey, it makes sense — Frank Underwood seems to get very intimate with the person that he speaks with when he breaks the fourth wall, as if it's someone he's known for years. Apparently, Spacey added that sometimes this prompts him to not even say all the lines that series creator Beau Willimon writes for him, because it's not always necessary. "In many cases when we’ve done the direct address stuff, sometimes there will be a line of dialogue and I’ll say to Beau, 'I don’t think I need to say anything,'" he said. "It just is a look. Because we know what that’s like."

As previously reported, season two of House of Cards will premiere in full on Netflix this Valentine's day, Feb. 14.

Image: Netflix