The "Like I Would" Lyrics Are Actually Really Sad

With March 25 swiftly approaching, it's almost time for One Direction fans to be reintroduced to Zayn Malik in the form of his new solo album, Mind of Mine. However, luckily for us, Zayn is slowly dropping each of the highly-anticipated tracks on the album one-by-one. And the latest drop, Malik's "Like I Would," is exactly the kind of dance track I have been waiting for. Seriously, I am prepared to hear this one on the radio 24/7. But while listening to the track it's also hard to ignore the "Like I Would Lyrics" lyrics on top of the song's extremely catchy, sporadic dance-inducing beat. That's right. It seems like "Like I Would" could be yet another heart-wrenching ode to an ex-girlfriend.

Now let me explain. Yes, he could easily be talking to any girl he's hitting up in the club — or maybe even his recent rumored girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. However, the song's lyrics seem to be alluding to a relationship that was definitely strong at one point, but now not so much. The one that best fits the bill is his relationship with ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards. Using the words, "If we can never go back / Thought you'd like to know that," before the song heads into its chorus proves that Zayn needs the last say in this former love affair. And then, when the song heads into its chorus, that's when the underlying heartbreak really shines through.

He, won't touch you like I doHe, won't love you like I wouldHe don't know your bodyHe don't do you rightHe won't love you like I wouldLove you like I would

Yep. It seems to me that Zayn is trying to prove to someone that he is the best thing she is ever going to get. And, to me, that sounds like some serious post-break-up regret. Plus, with the addition of the song's strong dance beat and catchy repetitiveness, he finds the perfect balance between being straightforward and saying what he has to say and making himself not seem as heartbroken as he clearly is. This song is one big, dance-worthy, emotional struggle. Just listen to it for yourself.

But it's more than the songs lyrics and the pleading tone in Zayn's voice that make me think this song could, in fact, be about Perrie Edwards. Another factor could have been the fact that the Little Mix singer — with whom Zayn had a four-year relationship — was seen getting close to model Leon King in December. And, if you've ever been in a serious relationship before, you would know that watching that person move on it's always easy — no matter what the situation may be.

Talkin' don't want me, cause I want you Been thinkin' it over, but I prove So stop wasting all my time, messing with my mind It's cold-hearted, it's cold-hearted

But, no matter what the future may hold for Zayn and Perrie (either together or separately), I know one thing for sure: We now have this awesome new dance track from Mind of Mine. Let's just pretend he's singing the song to his fans instead.