Zayn's 'Mind of Mine' Track List Could Give Us Clues About What To Expect

The release of Zayn's solo album is officially on it's way. After the releasing two hit singles, "Pillowtalk" and "It's You," it seems as if the entire highly-anticipated Mind of Mine album is on it's way because the official Mind of Mine tracklist has been released. The never-before-seen track list for the album includes a total of 18 songs. Yep, 18 songs. Including the album titled introduction song, "Mind of Mine," and even a song labeled as being the album's brief break — song number seven titled, "Intermission: flower." Other than those two specifically labeled songs, fans can also spot the already familiar song titles, "Pillowtalk" and "It's You." However, with so many unknown titles still unheard of by our very ears, overall this news is bringing nothing but pure excitement — and speculation.

Because now that Zayn fans know the track list, they also want to know what each song on Mind of Mine is about. Honestly, what can we expect from the breakout album? Will there be more heartbreaking ballads? Will there be digs at One Direction? Right now it's hard to tell. But the song titles are definitely a beginning. That's why I'm going to break down the title of each unreleased song and examine them for you. With everything from who the song might be about to what the tempo of the song may be, here are my best guesses.

1. "MiNd Of MiNdd (INTRO)"

I'm guessing this song is going to be a bit of an introduction to Zayn himself. Mostly because, you know, it literally has intro in the title.

2. "PiLlowT4lK"

ZaynVEVO on YouTube

As the first single released from the album, I already have an idea of what this song is about. It's about the love-hate struggle between his relationships with either Gigi Hadid — or even his ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards. Whichever.

3. "iTs YoU"

ZaynVEVO on YouTube

"It's You" was also already released as the second single off the album. And what is this song about? Well, it could very easily be a heartfelt ballad reflecting back on the fight for love and the end of his relationship with ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards.

4. "BeFoUr"

The FADER on YouTube

It definitely doesn't seem like Zayn's love life has a place in this one. Instead, I'm thinking the song will cover who he was as a person "before" he gained fame with One Direction.

5. "sHe"

I see this song being a track that belongs more of the ballad side of things than on the dance party side. But we'll just have to wait and see.

6. "dRuNk"

Just like boy band members that came before, Zayn is ready to show us his more adult lifestyle. My guess about this song is that it's going to not necessary be a slow song or a song you can dance to, but instead an easy-listening, instrument-inspired piece about a time when we drank just a little too much.


As the album's intermission song, I'm also not expecting this song to last very long. And, seeing the artistic usage of a flower in his "Pillowtalk" music video, I have a feeling this song is going to revolve around that topic.

8. "rEaR vIeW"

With a title like "Rear View," Zayn is clearly referring to the past. Whether it's referenced in regards to driving away and leaving his past in the rear view mirror, or it's referring to looking back on the past in the rear view mirror in a more positive light as he recollects past memories, I have a feeling this song is going to have some clues as to what has gone on with Zayn in the past two years.

9. "wRoNg" Feat. Kehlani

kehlani parrish on YouTube

Kehlani has a very specific style to songs she sings that sounds pretty similar to what we already heard in Zayn's "Pillowtalk." So I'm expecting a duet about a couple that just didn't work out in this track. It'll probably be the type of song you want to sing to your ex.

10. "fOoL fOr YoU"

Like all of us, Zayn has probably fallen hard for a crush. And I'm set on this song being about his adorably awkward moments of trying to impress a girl.

11. "BoRdErZ"

This song could be another possible song about the boys. Whether it's the borders that have grown between their music styles and careers, or the borders that came between their friendship, I'm expecting this song to be filled with anger.

12. "tRuTh"

Now here is a song title that sounds like a heart-wrenching ballad. If anything, it's sure to be filled with clueful lyrics and sad memories. What do you say?

13. "lUcCzAdE"

If you have never heard of Lucozade, the title is actually an energy and sports drink. So, my guess? Well, nothing like a song named after a sports drink to get you going on that treadmill and rocking on the club floor.

14. "TiO"

With Tio being the word for Uncle in the Spanish language, I'm going to assume this song is about Zayn's relationship with his Uncle. It's going to probably be one of the slower songs on the album that actually has nothing to do with a girl he's dated and instead will give fans some insight into his personal family life.

15. "BLUE"

An ode to Malik's all time favorite color, either to wear or to splatter on a wall when making graffiti art.

16. "BRIGHT"

Whether this means bright as in the degree of light shining into one's eyes if one was, say, under a spotlight, or bright as in academically gifted, both things could apply to Zayn in a way that makes me think this is going to be yet another introspective ballad.


"Like I Would" sounds so petulant, as if Zayn is being accused of something he finds it downright ridiculous that he would ever do. Perhaps this is a song about cheating or rumors?


All I can say is, I am 100 percent sure we're going to need tissues to get through this one. 100 percent.

If you weren't already excited about Mind of Mine, then these track titles might just be enough to convince you otherwise. I know they were enough to convince me.

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