All The Details About Ashley Tisdale's Makeup Line

Spring is on its way and with it, lots of fresh, new makeup products, shades, and launches designed so you can shimmer, shine, and stun in the warmer months. Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate makeup collection, created in conjunction with BH Cosmetics, is coming this spring. It's the actor, singer, and lifestyle guru's first foray into makeup and she has been teasing us long enough. She first announced the collab back in November! Since the products, which are shimmery, summery neutrals, will be here before we know it, we've decided to gather everything we already know —or think we know— about the range and put it in one place.

Most social media posts promoting the brand remind fans that they can sign up for info at the Illuminate Cosmetics website. So I certainly suggest doing that now, so you can be properly inbox informed.

But we want to keep you in the know so you can plan 'n' purchase. Therefore, Bustle also reached out to BH Cosmetics for further details. We will let you know when we hear back.

In the meantime, let's suss out the facts about Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, which is shaping up to take its place as one of my favorite makeup launches of the 2016 calendar year. Once you peep the photos of the products, I think you will share my unfettered enthusiasm.

1. Cali Inspo

Upon the initial announcement, Tisdale noted the collection was inspired by her adopted home state of California. Don't those lip glosses, in all sorts of berries and nudes, look Cali-influenced? Hell yeah they do!

2. It Includes Lip Gloss!

See above... times two!

3. Neutrals Are Anything But Boring

The colors fall in the neutral range, but they are so shimmery and pretty, like a California sunset. Like so.

4. Pretty On The Inside

The products are so pretty and cover all the facial features —eyes, lips, cheeks, face, amaze!

5. And Out!

The packaging is so chic. Don't you love stripes?

6. Palettes Are Life

Oh, and there are palettes. Every self-respecting makeup line needs a quality, totable, "does everything" palette and A. Tisdale is offering two of those.

Illuminate looks to land in May so it's coming up quick. But not quick enough!

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (4); BH Cosmetics/Instagram (2)