Our Duet Dreams May Be Coming True

When Britney Spears and Lady Gaga tweeted a cryptic message to each other, we were dying. Two of our favorite singers communicating can only mean one thing, right? DUET. And, they're both awesome, so why wouldn't they want to be friends? Well, it looks like we'll be graced with the collaboration to end all collaborations in the whole universe EVER, because on Tuesday, it was reported that Britney Spears and Lady Gaga's duet will be happening in the near future.

"It'll happen soon," an Us Weekly source reports.

Before we start hyperventilating, we need to breathe and calm down before we give ourselves self-induced strokes. These rumors get started, and sometimes spiral out of control... but can't this one please be true? Let's examine the facts — including one new, very telling fact.

Britney did say that she'd love to collaborate with Lady Gaga in a chat with her fans in December. "I would do a duet with Lady Gaga. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think she's very different and interesting and intricate, and I like her as an artist," Britney says.

Gaga immediately responded to her on Twitter and said, "Let's do this bitch, it's time."

THEN, Britney tweeted on Jan. 30, "Little bird told me something cool today. See you soon @LadyGaga ;)"

Gaga tweeted back, "this lil' birdie?"

And they really DID see each other soon, because Gaga totally went to Spears Piece of Me show in Las Vegas on Feb. 1, and the two gushed over seeing each other the whole time.


And then, it was like the heavens parted:

And then, Gaga taunted us even more by saying:

Any Southern girl knows you are not messing around when you compliment someone's barbecue, and the fact that it was Jamie Spears' barbecue makes it seem all the more official.

Us Weekly also reports that the duo discussed doing a duet backstage at the show. OMG. Will it be a ballad, or a sexy synth-y dance song? What will the video be like? Will Britney ARTPOP it up? Nudity? No-nudity? Glitter? Hair extensions?

You ladies have a LOT of explaining to do.

Image: LadyGaga/Instagram