11 "Like I Would" Lyrics To Never Text Your Crush

by Michelle Lulic

With Zayn Malik's first ever solo album, Mind of Mine, on its way, fans are slowly getting to know the real Zayn. With already released singles including, "Pillowtalk," "It's You," and, now, "Like I Would," we're getting all kinds of inside looks into the former boy band member's love life and state of mind. However, while it might be OK for someone as famous as Zayn to try and win over his love with songs like, "Like I Would," there's definitely a disconnect between what is acceptable for him... and what's acceptable for the everyday human. Basically, the "Like I Would" lyrics are all kinds of awkward when said out loud.

Yep, that's right. While bopping along to the newly released dance track might be fun, and it might be perfectly acceptable to belt out the lyrics while you're dancing in the club with your friends, those lyrics definitely are not the greatest relationship advice. In fact, if you're looking for the perfect pick-up line, the last place you should look is in the lyrics of Zayn's upcoming Mind of Mine album. Or, at least, based on what we have seen so far. Here are all of the lyrics from the song "Like I Would" that you should never actually say to your crush. Seriously, erase that text and put your phone down. It's not a good idea.

1. "Hey, What's Up? It's Been A While... Talking 'Bout It's Not My Style."

Texting them asking what's up and pointing out how it's been a while is totally normal. But then immediately making the conversation awkward by bringing up the "you and me" topic... That's where that text is going to go way downhill. Sorry.

2. "Thought I'd See What's Up While I'm Lightin' Up."

Starting off a conversation by telling them you're "lightin' up" may immediately make them think you're not currently in the right state of mind. Especially if things have been out in the open and awkward between you two. Not a good idea.

3. "Know It's Late, But I'm So Wide. Saw You Facing God In Spite. Cause You Let It Go, Now You're Good To Go."

Sending a late night text to your crush letting them know that they can let you go obviously means that you still care. And if they've already moved on? Well, awkward. Just don't. It's weird. Keep those thoughts to yourself, and get some damn sleep already.

4. "It's Cold-Hearted."

Calling the person you like "cold-hearted" is definitely not going to make them want to warm up to you.

5. "This Is Probably Gonna Sound Wrong. Promise It Won't Last Long."

These lyrics make me want to run. Could you like... not?

6. "If We Can Never Go Back. Thought You'd Like To Know That..."

You and your crush may have had a past, but starting a text convo this way is not one of your brightest ideas. You're just bringing that awkwardness back. And there's no moving forward from there.

7. "He Won't Touch You Like I Do. He Won't Love You Like I Would."

In what world would this be OK? Stay out of their outside business. This is not a sexy pick-up line.

8. He Don't Know Your Body. He Don't Do You Right."

Again... Not. Sexy. Just overstepping some boundaries about their life.

9. "He Won't Love You Like I Would. Love You Like I Would."

The word "love" when talking to your crush is not smart. A text should not sound like a scary marriage proposal.

10. "Talkin' Don't Want Me, 'Cause I Want You."

Yeah, this is always a tough situation. But sending them this text will probably not get them to change their mind. Believe me.

11. "So Stop Wasting All My Time, Messing With My Mind."

Even if this is the straight-up truth of the situation, you should totally not get all crazy, pointing fingers.

So, yeah. Basically don't text your crush any of the lyrics from "Like I Would." The whole song is just a bad idea. But maybe innocently singing the lyrics in their general direction might sneakingly get the idea across... Possibly? OK, no.

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