Netflix's 'The Characters' Has A Hilarious Cast

Netflix has really been stepping up its game lately. Its original creations have been getting better and better, and the latest endeavor is another jump into the world of sketch comedy. Its new series, The Characters , is insanely creative and so fun. The show managed to round up some seasoned and up-and-coming sketch comedians, and then it basically let them run. If that doesn't draw you in, the stellar group behind the series will. So, who are the comedians in the cast of Netflix's, The Characters?

Well, you're in for a real treat. The cast of... characters that was chosen for this comedy series is diverse and completely, outrageously hilarious. The format calls for each of the eight comedians to have their own 30 minute episode. Those episodes can be about whatever the comedian wants and contains characters that they have created. They will write, produce and star in their personal episodes. This means that each one will be highly unique to the specific sketch comic that is running the show. There is literally something for everyone in the series. These talented comics really put their everything into their 30 minute creations, and it definitely shows in the final products.

So, who are these phenomenally funny men and women?

Dr. Brown/Phil Burgers

Dr. Brown is actually in and of itself a character. He was created by Phil Burgers, a seasoned sketch comic who showcases his talent in live stage shows like The Super Serious Show in Los Angeles. He also trained at a legitimate and highly prestigious clown school outside of Paris, according to The Guardian.

Lauren Lapkus


Lapkus may be somewhat of a familiar face. If you watch Orange Is The New Black, you know her as the sweet prison guard, Susan Fischer. She's also known for her work on comedy podcasts, most notably Comedy Bang Bang and her very own podcast, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus. She is not afraid to get completely over-the-top goofy, which is really refreshing. She is also so likable, you'll want to just be her BFF.

Paul W. Downs

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Downs has a pretty well-known role on the comedy, Broad City and also has dipped his hands into writing for the show. According to Entertainment Weekly, he's also slated to appear in an upcoming Comedy Central miniseries called Time Traveling Bong (yup, you read that right), so you can guess what his comedic focal point may be. Pass him the Cheetos.

John Early

He's had appearances on some major comedy heavyweight shows, according to IMDb. And, just the fact that he has been on 30 Rock is super impressive, but he's also managed to carve out a pretty impressive standup career.

Tim Robinson

Do you know that little show called, Saturday Night Live? Yeah, Tim happened to be in a cast member. That is really all you need on your resume but now he even writes for the show. So, I'd say he's qualified for The Characters.

Kate Berlant

She has some of the best facial expressions you will find. I swear, they make everything she says hilarious. She's also been known for her Funny or Die series Yes vs No which happens to also costar fellow The Characters comic, John Early.

Natasha Rothwell

Natasha also holds the distinguished position as a writer for SNL, according to IMDb. She may not be super well known yet, but if you Google some of her work, you will become an instant fan.

Henry Zebrowski

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I am personally a huge fan of this comedian. He is one part of the three dude horror podcast (along with Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks), Last Podcast On The Left (seriously, go listen to it, you will thank me), and he is one of those comedians who will literally have you giggling uncontrollably by yourself while listening to him. He's also the busiest of bees lately, starring in Adult Swim's, Your Pretty Face Is Hoing To Hell and Heroes Reborn. I am definitely looking forward to seeing his unique brand of horror comedy on The Characters.

This new Netflix series is shaping up to be awesome. I know I'll be tuning in for the fun.

Images: Netflix; KC Bailey/Netflix(7); Eric Charbonneau/Netflix