How To Get A Free Cone From Dairy Queen

March brings many things each year— tulips, postseason college basketball, and Dairy Queen's annual Free Cone Day. And there aren't many days left to wait before you can score a cone of the delicious vanilla soft serve with the curl on top, as this year, the big day falls on Tuesday, March 15. I'll fill you in on how to get a free cone from Dairy Queen, because there are a few things you'll need to know.

For starters, you'll need to find a freestanding Dairy Queen store in the United States, as international locations and DQs located inside malls are not participating in Free Cone Day. Another important thing to keep in mind is that only one small vanilla soft serve cone will be distributed per customer. All other menu items will be regular price, but maybe your friendly Dairy Queen server will give you a few sprinkles if you ask really nicely.

Participating Dairy Queen stores will also be accepting donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, so that customers can donate some of the money that they would have spent on ice cream to a good cause. I think the best way to observe Free Cone Day this year is to visit Dairy Queen with a friend, cash in on your free vanilla cones, donate what money you can to help sick kids, and also order an Oreo Blizzard with extra Oreos. It is a special occasion, after all.

I'll see you all at Dairy Queen on Tuesday.

Image: Dairy Queen/Facebook