Why You Should Always Try To Sleep In A Cold Room

by Kat George
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I'm the kind of person who is always cold and always cranking the heat up, but as it turns out, you should always try to sleep in a cold room. I know, to the perpetually cold among us, this sounds crazy, right? I mean, our bodies already feel like cold rooms of their own. But if science says it, it must be true, and science says sleeping in a cold room will give you the optimal sleeping experience, for many reasons. Before you start shaking your fist into the cold abyss while shouting "Why, science, why!" you should take a moment to consider the extreme benefits of leaving the heating off overnight.

Getting a good night's sleep is important for your physical and mental health, so you might want to give this one a shot for the sake of your body and mind. Apparently, sleeping in a cold room is preferable to sleeping in a hot room for a variety of reasons, but all of them have to do with your quality of sleep. And I mean, if you're going to sleep, you might as well do it right, right? Here are some scientific reasons why you should always try to sleep in a cold room:

1. It Decreases Insomnia

Research conducted by the University of South Australia suggests that sleeping in a cold room will result in a better night's sleep, and help cure insomnia. This is because the body's core temperature actually needs to drop in order to initiate sleep. So if you're having trouble falling and staying asleep, the cold could be your savior.

2. It Helps Your Body Release More Melatonin

Not only does melatonin tell your body it's time to sleep, it's a hormone that also promotes anti-aging. The cold actually helps your body produce melatonin, and your room should be below 70 degrees F, ideally between 60 to 68 degrees F, in order to encourage your body's natural melatonin.

3. It Decreases Your Risk Of Metabolic Illnesses

Studies have shown that sleeping in a room that's consistently 66 degrees F helps you burn calories while awake. It also helps increase "brown" or good fat in the body, which lowers the risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

4. Your Sleep Quality Is Better

During the night, if your room is too hot (or alternately too cold), your body will work to regulate your temperature. Dr. Christopher Winter Medical Director, Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, says that cooler temperatures are linked to deeper sleep, whereas a hot environment "increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep".

5. While You're At It, Be Naked Too

Being cold is better for your sleep cycle, but so is being naked. Put the two together and you're a regular sleeping beauty. Dr. Natasha Turner suggests that sleeping naked might help your body release growth hormones, which in turn helps you sleep deeper, lowers stress, and assists in releasing more oxytocin if you've got someone to cuddle.

6. It's Good For Your Vagina

Jennifer Landa, MD, suggests that cool air coupled with nakedness is prime sleep territory for your vagina. The cold air and lack of layers prevent bacteria from forming and growing and yep, can help save you from a yeast infection.

So even though in your soul you might be all:

You really ought to try it and see for yourself!

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