Woody Allen Wants You To Hear His Side

The latest news regarding Woody Allen's alleged abuse of adopted daughter Dylan Farrow might be eye-opening. The New York Times may publish an op-ed piece written by Allen responding to the allegations. According to Andrew Rosenthal, The Times’s editorial page editor, Allen's people asked if they could send in something he wrote, and The Times said yes. This doesn't, however, mean they will publish the piece. That decision will be made based on editorial editing and discretion, Rosenthal said. This isn't unusual, as all opinion pieces published in The Times are subject to an editing process.

Allen's piece would be published as a response to his daughter Dylan Farrow detailing years of sexual abuse from her father in a piece published in Nicholas Kristof's column. But according to the editor, publishing a response isn't normal. In most cases, a shorter letter appearing on the Letters to the Editor page would suffice. “Normally, we don’t publish a direct response... In this case, it was so personal, we thought that we should," Rosenthal said.

It is unknown when Allen's column would publish, but Rosenthal indicated it would likely happen within the next few days.