How To Use Face Swap On Snapchat

Ready to scar all your Snapchat followers for life? Then you better get on board with figuring out how to use face swap on Snapchat, the new lens that will make your life feel like the movie Straight Outta Wonderland. By now you've probably already seen a lot of your friends take advantage of this lens — swapping their faces with their friends, their favorite celebs, and heck, even their pets. But if you haven't figured out how to use it yet, the FOMO can be so intense that you'll feel like you don't even have a face to swap with.

For anyone who hasn't figured out how to use it, your problem is probably an easy fix: open up the app store and make sure you have the latest Snapchat update. Often your phone won't automatically update certain apps for you, and that's why you don't have access to lenses you're seeing everyone else use on their profile. Once you've updated, stick your face in front of the camera like you usually do, tapping it until it recognizes your facial features and prompts a selection of lenses. From then on it's pretty easy, once you get the hang of it.

First, Find The Lens That Looks Like This

The face swap lens is pretty distinct because it is the only one that offers two little bubbles like this. Once you've got it on lock, pull your friend/inanimate object into the frame.

Then Line Your Face And A Friend's Face Up With The Camera

Or in my case, a frenemy. (He knows what he did.)

Note: This won't work unless there is something semi-distinguishable as a "face" for the program to lock onto. If you were hoping to achieve your lifelong dream of face-swapping with a hunk of cheese, maybe 2017 will be your year.

Wait For The Horrifying Magic To Occur

The teddy bear didn't work, so instead I used a plush Broad City doll from my coworker Kelsea's desk, which DEFINITELY worked. See you in your NIGHTMARES, everyone.

Or, You Know, Do It With Your Human Friends

And now poor Olivia knows what she would look like with my unbrushed baby bangs, while possibly starring in a modern day Titanic. (The movie based on this angsty image is still in preproduction, but I assure you it's worth the wait.)

After that you're all set to inflict the horror on everyone you know and love. Snap responsibly(ish)!

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Images: Emma Lord/Snapchat