Shakira & Rihanna Are "Promoting Lesbianism"

While the rest of the world is getting down to Shakira and Rihanna's newly-released music video duet "Can't Remember to Forget You," a Colombian councilman is putting his foot down. He refuses to get his groove on to the new video. His reasons? The music video promotes lesbianism. Councilman Marco Fidel Ramirez from Bogota told the Associated Press Monday that he is against the music video created by his fellow Colombian, Shakira, because it's promoting "el lesbianismo y tabaquismo" — lesbianism and smoking.

The video, which has garnered over 70 million views since it's release on Jan. 30, features the two pop stars scantily-clad while dancing, smoking cigars, and touching each other a top a wrought-iron bed.

While we acknowledge that the video is indeed sexy, the councilman is convinced that the video "exceeds the norms of respect, decorum, and dignity" and does not send the right message to viewers, especially to young children in Colombia.

If the councilman has his panties in a twist about this music video, we can only imagine what he thinks about the following music videos featuring women together breaking all the rules:

1. "Beautiful Liar"

Many have compared this newest video to Shakira's previous duet with Beyonce in the music video "Beautiful Liar", where Shakira is up to her usual tricks with Queen Bey: synchronized booty popping, wall-humping, and dancing in the rain. While we only wish we could pull off these sick moves, we're pretty sure Ramirez might break down and cry.

2. "'Yonce"

In one of Beyonce's newest music videos, "Yonce," Sasha Fierce and a trio of supermodels dance up against brick walls together, shake their bosoms, and lick their cherry-red lips. Too much for you, Ramirez? We thought so.

3. "Lady Marmalade"

The mother of all-female music videos is "Lady Marmalade," where we see the '90s queens of pop unite together in bustiers and garter belts as french prostitutes in the Moulin Rouge. Does this one promote lesbianism too, Mr. Ramirez?

4. "Me Against The Music"

The pros of shock-and-awe, Madonna and Britney Spears united in the music video "Me Against The Music" for a legendary duet that included a sexy floor dance around and under a bed and even includes an almost finale french kiss. Maybe Shakira and Rihanna took a note from these two. Either way, we can be sure Ramirez won't be watching this one either.

Image: Ace Entertainment