You'll Be Watching Their Video All Day, Promise

Rihanna and Shakira. We both know you're insanely hot. So good job on making us all feel even more bleh as we eat mac and cheese in the dead of winter. On Thursday, Rihanna and Shakira's video for "Can't Remember to Forget You" was released, and hoo boy, is it one for the books. Is it hot in here? No, no. It's just RiRi and Shakira writhing around on a bed together in complicated-looking bathing suit/lingerie getups, thrusting their pelvises against a wall, hugging each other topless, and looking generally flawless.

The song debuted on Jan. 30, and "Can't Remember to Forget You" is the perfect song to chase all your winter blues away and make you excited to rumba in Jamaica with a mojito or something in just a few mere months. Their voices sound great together considering how different their music is. The song is a good mix of reggae and rap and it's been stuck in my head since it debuted — but now, the song will be more known for its video and how absolutely hideous Rihanna and Shakira are.

Even fellow celebrities couldn't help but comment that the video made them a little warm:

You can watch their video in all its glory below:

Images: LeBronJames; Kelly Clarkson/Twitter