20 Names Your Parents Almost Gave You In The '90s

I spent most of my '90s childhood rejecting my name. Bleh, I thought. Kaitlyn? Really? I wanted to be an Alexa, or a Madison or a Chloe, or Reilly. Mary Kate and Ashley got to pick new names every few months with each new movie they made, it wasn't fair. I used every opportunity to change my name in every game of dress up or pretend. At one point, my mother told me if I really wanted to change my name, I could, but I'd have to like for a whole year first. This concept proved impossible. There were too many good names. The '90s were filled with cool girl names and I couldn't possibly pick one.

For a few months I'd be Jasmine. And then for a few weeks I'd be sure that Sammy was it. Then Joey. Then Jessie. Then Molly. Then Bell. Then Ariel. I imagine kids today have the same struggles. I wonder how many girls got away with legally changing their names to Bella or Hermione or Elsa or Anna?

If you were a kid in the '90s, you were probably in awe of all the cool girl names you became acquainted with when you went to grade school. We were in that sweet spot of bold names that still made sense, before all the Apples and Olives and Rainbows started to pop up. These are some of the names your parents almost named you if you were born in the '90s.


Jessica. Hebrew meaning: God is watching.

Sarah. Hebrew meaning: Princess.


Brittany. Celtic for: From Britain.

Ashley. Biblical meaning: From the Ash Tree.


Samantha. Biblical meaning: Listener of God.

Emily. Latin-American meaning: Admiring.


Taylor. English meaning: Tailor.

Nicole. French meaning: Victory of the people.


Jasmine. Persian meaning: A flower.

Jennifer. English meaning: A white wave.


Hannah. Hebrew meaning: Goodness of life.

Kayla. English meaning: Keeper of the keys.


Madison. English name derived from surname meaning: Son of Matthew.

Alexis. English meaning: Defender.


Abigail. Biblical meaning: Source of joy.

Megan. Irish meaning: Soft and gentle.


Elizabeth. English meaning: God of plenty.

Julia. English meaning: Youthful.


Anna. Hebrew meaning: Gracious.

Alyssa. Greek meaning: Logical.

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