Lizzie McGuire’s Brother Looks So Different Now

It’s been 12 years since Lizzie McGuire ended, the iconic show about a young girl whose animated alter ego tells her true feelings about her average, relatable life, and, for the most part, it’s pretty easy to find out what the former Lizzie McGuire cast members are doing these days. Hilary Duff, for example, can often be found on television, in sitcoms, and in made-for-TV movies. But sometimes I wonder about the other people on that show that I grew up loving and living with on the Disney Channel. Like Lizzie’s little brother Matt. Where’s that clever little troublemaker these days? Still scheming and annoying his big sister? Still constantly slinging catch phrases like a used car salesman? Well, hold on to your “Talk to me” t-shirts, friends, because Lizzie’s McGuire’s little brother looks so different these days.

Played by Jake Thomas, little Mattie McGuire is actually 26-years-old now, which means he’s officially gone from someone who used to make you roll your eyes to someone you could totally have a crush on. And, trust me on this one, you probably will. Because Lizzie McGuire’s brother these days looks a whole lot different. Just one look at Jake Thomas’ Instagram page and you’ll see that this child actor has grown up to be quite the creative spirit. His account is full of pictures taken from dynamic angles that tell a lot about the life he is living now. Still acting in a number of shows and movies, Thomas also lists being a “photographer of people” on his Instagram bio.

Thankfully for us, Thomas also includes himself in the list of people he takes photographs of. Because the kid who used to spike his hair and role his eyes in almost every single episode of Lizzie McGuire looks so incredibly grown up these days in comparison. Honestly, I can hardly recognize the guy.

Just check out the photos for yourself. Not to be too objectifying, but can you believe that little Matt McGuire turned out to be kind of a fox?

Image: Disney Channel