Andy Grammer's Wife Is A Performer, Too

by Maitri Suhas

Andy Grammer is a name you might not know, but if you have Internet access, a Spotify account, or the good old AM/FM, you probably know his voice. The 32-year-old musician released his first album back in 2011 and got noticed with his song "Keep Your Head Up," and last year he was just about everywhere with his single "Honey, I'm Good" from his second album, Magazines And Novels. As for his personal life, since 2012, Grammer has been married to Aijia Lise, a singer and performer herself, who recently popped up on The Voice.

Aijia (pronounced Asia) Lise is a longtime singer-songwriter. In fact, as Grammer told Glamour in October, the two met through their mutual love of and dedication to music, in the music program at California State University, Northridge. She's currently a backup singer for Selena Gomez, and, according to Heavy, she's also lent her voice to backup vocals for stars like Colbie Caillat, Hilary Duff, Jack Black, Dennis DeYoung of STYX, and her husband.

Lise recently auditioned as a contestant on The Voice, appearing on the March 7 episode. In an interview she gave before her performance, she said she felt like the show was her last chance at a solo career, feeling a little left behind since her husband's success has skyrocketed. "I feel so proud of him, but it’s so hard to feel constantly in the background of someone else’s moment,” she said. Grammer was there, of course, to support his wife, beaming all kinds of adoring beams at her during the audition.

Unfortunately, though, Lise wasn't able to "turn a chair" in the blind audition. She performed a wonderful version of judge Christina Aguilera's song "Say Something," because Aguilera was the judge that she wanted to impress. But even though she didn't make it on the show, Grammer was proud of her.

Lise is also Grammer's muse. He talked to Glamour about how "Honey, I'm Good." spread like wildfire. The music video for the song features several couples celebrating their love, and Grammer and Lise are one of the couples. The pair met through their mutual love of music at school, but, as Grammer said, it was her genuine compassion and thoughtfulness that made him fall in love with her. When his mother passed away, she reached out to him. He explained,

I would do these voice notes called "Kathy Grams." That was my mom’s name, so when people said, "Hey, I’m going through something. You said you’d write me a song," I’d write a quick little [song] about how you’re going to be OK, things will work out, etc., and we’d call them "Kathy Grams." And so then Aijia [pronounced Asia] was looking over someone that was about to pass away, so the day she came over to write a "Kathy Gram," that’s when we started to connect a bit.

And, of course, they sing together to this day. Even though Lise didn't make it on to The Voice, I don't doubt that we'll see more of her in the future.