Andy Grammer's Wife Auditions For 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

It's tough living in the shadow of a famous musician, especially when you're trying to make it big yourself. That's exactly the issue right now for Andy Grammer's wife, Aijia, who auditioned for The Voice in hopes of jumpstarting her solo career. Singing "Say Something," Aijia attempted to serenade The Voice coaches into pushing their buttons but, unfortunately, came up short. Lise failed to get a chair to turn and had her dreams of a solo career dashed right there on the stage.

Being married to a musician as extremely successful as Andy Grammer can't be easy when you're trying to make it on your own. No matter how talented Lise is, she will always be overshadowed by her husband's talent — unless she gets her own big break. But unfortunately, The Voice won't be it. While Lise has found success as a backup singer for artists like Colbie Caillat and Selena Gomez, she failed to pique the coaches' interest. Though her performance was pretty, it wasn't groundbreaking or overly exciting, which is why she didn't earn a chair turn. Aijia played it a little too safe for the Blind Auditions and is heading home empty handed because of it.

There's no denying that Aijia is talented, but it's just not her time to shine. Unlike many contestants who fail to make it on The Voice, Aijia at least has established a career in the industry and has a strong support system behind her to help her realize and achieve her dreams. She has the resources, now it's up to her to make it happen. Though she turned to The Voice as a last resort, something tells me we haven't seen the last of Aijia just yet.