Can Hairspray Damage Your Hair? A Professional Stylist Tells The Truth

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a former pageant girl, I am all about the glory that is hair spray. If you're just now getting into it but keep wondering, "Can hairspray damage your hair?" I've got the official answer. Licari Cutler stylist Amy Moscowitz was kind enough to talk hairspray with me and spilled all the details.

According to Moscowitz, hairspray in and of itself isn't damaging to your strands, but how you use it can be. She says, "Hairspray is one of my favorite products," but warns that it has to be used correctly. "One thing to watch out for is aggressively brushing through the hair when you have used a super strong hold spray. We do not want to cause breakage by ripping through this product!" Oh man, this brings back painful memories of struggling to loosen up curls on pageant days.

To safely use hairspray, Moscowitz suggests, "On a day-to-day basis stick to a lighter hold hairspray like Redken Fashion Works 12, this will hold your style and keep the hair moving." Additionally, she adds, "Use a boar bristle brush and work your way from the bottom of the hair up to preserve your hair [when brushing through spray]."

Below you'll find Moscowitz top everyday hairspray pick, along with several other lighter hold sprays perfect for keeping that on point top knot in place.

1. Fashion Works 12

Fashion Works 12, $19, Ulta

Moscowitz's top pick, this spray is fast drying and has a chic satin-matte finish.

2. Classic Hairspray

Classic Hairspray, $12, Bumble And Bumble

This classic spray offers a strong hold that's still super flexible.

3. Flex Shaping Hairspray

Flex Shaping Hairspray, $20, Amazon

Whether used on damp or dry hair, this spray is made to be brushed through!

4. Curl Last Hairspray

Curl Last Hairspray, $18, Amazon

Curly-haired ladies, this is designed just for you.

5. Flexible Hold Spray

Dove Strength & Shine Flexible Hold Spray, $5, Jet

Fight frizz with flexibility using this gentle hairspray.

Images: Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images; Courtesy of Brands