What Is Lex Luthor From 'Smallville' Doing Now? Michael Rosenbaum Has A New TV Show

Michael Rosenbaum played the hottest Lex Luthor of all time on Smallville. Not only did he make the iconic villain role of Lex all his own, he managed to look good with or without hair, which is pretty impressive. Rosenbaum has been responsible for so many important moments in my life, including that time I made my username on AIM "ilovelexluthor." If I was Lana, I totally would've married him too, and not regretted it for a second. Much to everyone's dismay, Lex left Smallville at the end of Season 7, with Rosenbaum returning as a guest in the Season 10 finale. But, what has Michael Rosenbaum been up to since Smallville ended in 2011? Is he still playing bad guys?

In addition to voicing several video game characters, and starring in multiple TV and movie roles, Rosenbaum made his big-screen directorial debut in 2014 with Back In The Day . Described by IMDb as a "raunchy comedy," Rosenbaum wrote, directed and starred in the movie which is about a high school reunion. It's clear that Rosenbaum has a lot of talents, as well as being really, really, ridiculously good looking. Here are his main projects that every Lex Luthor fan needs to know about.

1. Breaking In (2011-2012)

Although Breaking In was a short-lived TV show, there was a lot to love about it, and Rosenbaum made a positive impression on audiences, going on to become a series regular. There are only two short seasons of Breaking In , which co-stars Christian Slater and Megan Mullally, but that's still enough for a weekend marathon.

2. Hit And Run (2012)

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Written and co-directed by Dax Shepard, and starring Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, and Rosenbaum, Hit And Run is a crime caper about a former getaway driver who the Witness Protection Program.

3. Writing & Directing Back In The Day (2014)

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Of his directorial debut, which he also wrote, Rosenbaum told Collider, "This is a comedy. This is light and fun. This is a date movie, where you’re going to laugh and enjoy yourself. You don’t need to feel sorry for anybody. I didn’t want it to be too cliche." There are lots of familiar faces in the cast including Morena Baccarin, Harland Williams, and Rosenbaum himself.

4. Voicing Video Games

The former Lex Luthor has provided the voices in several video games characters, including the amazingly named Lollipop Chainsaw , Infinite Crisis, and Batman: Arkham Knight . He's certainly been busy!

5. Impastor (2015)

Rosenbaum heads this sitcom on TV Land about a gambling addict who hides out in a small town as a pastor to escape the loan sharks that are after him. Rosenbaum serves as an executive producer for the show, and Season 2 of Impastor will air in 2016.

6. Last Days Of Summer (2016)

An upcoming project listed on Rosenbaum's IMDb page is Last Days Of Summer . The synopsis sounds mysterious, the movie being about a "middle-aged man in a stagnant marriage, finds his life upended when an attractive young woman and her seemingly abusive husband move in next door." I'm definitely excited to find out what role Lex Luthor is playing in the movie, due out in 2016.

I personally don't think any other man looks as good bald as Rosenbaum does, but I'll settle for the actor in roles that require him to have hair, for now.

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