Which '90s Pop Star Are You Based On Your Birth Month?

You've gotta love the '90s — teen movies were amazing (they just don't make 'em like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless anymore), Doc Martens were the shoes to have, and we all could come home from school to enjoy some quality time with Carson Daly on Total Request Live. Even though it's 2016, nostalgia for the '90s is at an all-time high — just look at the runaway success of TV revivals like The X-Files and Fuller House. But, perhaps most importantly, it's the era that gave us some of the most memorable pop stars — and we often fell in love with their personas just as much as their catchy tunes. Whether you were fun-loving, soulful, or a bit on the angsty side, you surely had a pop star of choice who just got you. Since their lyrics reflected their personalities, your '90s pop star of choice probably says a lot about you.

A lot of us love to use astrology to analyze ourselves (*raises my hand*), but did you know that your birth month can predict your personality, too? Armed with this information, let's see which '90s pop star you are based on your birth month.

Fiona Apple — January

You're incredibly observant of the world and those around you. Intelligent and introverted, you're sensitive and good at reading people. Because you're so observant, you can be a little bit on the critical side — but you're always conscious of other people's feelings.

Courtney Love — February

Free-spirited and passionate, you're not afraid to rebel and do your own thing. You love adventure and you're not afraid of the unknown — in fact, you embrace it.

Tori Amos — March

You're a dreamer who is honest and loyal to others. You're trustworthy and want to make a difference, just like this free-spirited songstress who founded the non-profit RAINN, which offers support to survivors of sexual violence.

Madonna — April

Brave, witty, and decisive, you love to be the center of attention. You're social and you love the spotlight, just like Madonna — her star will never fade.

Christina Aguilera — May

You're strong-willed and opinionated, and you embrace change — which is why you're not afraid to evolve.

Sheryl Crow — June

You're a deep thinker and your actions and words reflect this. Although you can be on the quiet, sensitive side, you have a great sense of humor and love to joke around.

Jewel — July

You're sentimental, emotional, and empathetic. You care deeply about others, but you're also easily hurt and can be a little bit temperamental as a result.

Alanis Morissette — August

You're a natural born leader and you act as a mentor to others. You're also brave and you know exactly what you want — but you can be aggressive when you don't get it, which is why people oughta expect a song dedicated to them if they make you mad.

Mandy Moore — September

You're organized, thoughtful, and you like to plan ahead — but it can stress you out when others around you don't do the same.

Jessica Simpson — October

You love to party, and people are drawn to your positive energy and upbeat personality. You love attention and you make other people feel good about themselves.

Tracy Chapman — November

You're an analytical, deep thinker. You're motivated, independent, and you get things done. You follow your heart and you don't seek the approval of others because you're confident and know what's best for you.

Mariah Carey — December

Above all, you're social and you love a good time. People love your spontaneous nature and they'll definitely never be bored when they're in your presence.

Now that you know your '90s pop star counterpart, go forth and re-visit your favorite songs from the era.

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