12 Things 'Game Of Thrones' Taught Me About Life

Game of Thrones may be a fantastical world full of dragons, magic, and odd tree people — but it's still a show about humans and how they interact with each other. While the political manipulation and epic battles of the series are what get people to tune in, many viewers — myself included — stick with the show because it offers insight into the characters and examines their relationships with one another. Throughout the series, characters grow and change, becoming entirely different people through their experiences and lessons they've learned along the way. The lessons learned by the characters in Game of Thrones aren't just applicable to living life in Westeros, but also in your everyday life.

Sure, Game of Thrones may teach you things about slaying White Walkers, and things like that don't apply to your everyday life — but hidden beneath those lessons are real teaching moments of strength in the face of great adversity, or lessons about how just because someone acts like they're not going to kill you and your family doesn't mean that they're not going to kill you and your family. Here are a few of the lessons you may have learned while watching Game of Thrones that you didn't even realize you were learning.

Don't Lose Your Head To Stress

With great responsibility comes great stress — not understand this has been the downfall of many a character on Game of Thrones. They aim higher and higher before it eventually becomes too much and leads to their tragic downfall. There's nothing wrong with trying to take on a lot at once, but it's better to do so slowly over time, much like Daenerys has done.

Take Care Of Those Closest To You

Jon Snow's fatal flaw was that he was too focused on the big picture. While the White Walkers are a legitimate threat and arguably more important than any of the political scuffles in King's Landing, Jon forgot to properly maintain and show respect to the Night's Watch. This ultimately led to their mutiny and Jon's death. Never take those close to you for granted, they may not always be there for you.

Weigh Risk Vs. Reward Before Important Decisions

Big decisions are scary things to make, and a good thing to ask yourself is "Is there a risk here, and if so, is it worth the reward?" For example, burning your daughter alive might help you take on an army that is significantly larger than your own — but even if it did, is it worth it?

Don't Get Cocky

Oh, Oberyn. If only you had stopped fighting once the battle was won. Instead of taking the victory for what it was, Oberyn decided he needed to get victory his way — by getting The Mountain to confess to his crime against his family. While The Mountain did confess eventually, looking for that satisfaction cost Oberyn his life.

Try New Things, Especially Food

You never know what trying something new could like to something great! Maybe it turns out you really like that brand of hummus, or perhaps eating that horse heart will get you the momentary respect and power you need to begin building an empire.

Don't Be Afraid To Stand Up For Yourself

While it sometimes may seem easier to just let people insult you, remember that you deserve respect. If standing up to someone in power is what you need to do to get the respect you know you deserve, then don't back down. Especially if your bratty nephew is insulting you for something that isn't even in your control.

Pets Can Make Important Companions

While it's important to connect with other human beings, it's also healthy to have an animal by your side to help you through the tough times. Even when it feels like there's no one in the world by your side, you've hopefully still got the friendly wolf you inherited or those three dragons you've been raising to keep you company.

Don't Be Afraid To Admit You Don't Know Everything

People in high positions of power are often treated as if they have all the answers, and that's simply not true. Many issues in Game of Thrones could be solved if, instead of assuming everything, there was simply honest communication between people, and others delegated responsibilities instead of trying to do everything themselves.

Respect Other Cultures

You may find other cultures barbaric, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't provide the utmost respect to people who you don't fully understand. In fact, learning about their culture may serve as a bridge between you and other cultures, allowing for friendly conversation and less molten gold getting poured over your head.

Be Kind

Kindness goes a long way in Westeros, as there never seems to be enough to go around. Doing favors for other could lead to political favor, a helping hand somewhere along the way, or even something as simple as a new friend. Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture.

Don't Go Climbing Castle Walls

You always want to be careful that you keep yourself safe from getting in other people's business. No one like a nosy neighbor spying on them while they're focused on other activities.

Appreciate Your Life, It Won't Last Forever

Valar Morghulis.

Game Of Thrones is full of moral lessons and helpful hints for anyone who's just trying to make their way through life. Every day, people are confronted with major decisions, adversarial personalities, and difficult friendships. Paying attention to the underlying lessons in Game of Thrones and applying them day to day can help you maneuver your life — and it might even save it once or twice.

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