8 Daylight Saving Time Quotes To Get You In The Spirit To Spring Forward

What's that? You woke up this morning indescribably tired and cranky, all because of a little thing called Daylight Saving Time? I get it — DST is the worst. Sure an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day is great, but as these Daylight Saving Time quotes make clear, we do so at a price. Giving up a precious hour of sleep can be, at the very least, disorienting, and even flat out dangerous depending on a person's level of sleep deprivation. Spring may be on its way, but at a cost.

For those of you who didn't even notice the clocks had changed overnight while you were sleeping, allow me to debrief you: every second Sunday in March at 2 a.m., we "spring forward" an hour. Daylight Saving Time started as a weird yet practical way to conserve energy during World War I, but didn't become a regular thing all Americans observed until the Uniform Time Act was implemented in 1966. These days, DST is still around, though many people argue it's an entirely moot practice at this point. No matter what your feelings, though, it's here — and I'm guessing you won't be complaining later on this evening when it's still light outside at 7 p.m. That is, if you can stay awake that long. Seriously guys, I'm so tired.

1. "Daylight time, a monstrosity in timekeeping." — Harry S. Truman

2. "I say it is impossible that so sensible a people, under such circumstances, should have lived so long by the smoky, unwholesome and enormously expensive light of candles if they had really known that they might have had as much pure light of the sun for nothing." — Benjamin Franklin

3. "Love prefers twilight to daylight." — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

4. "For sleep, one needs endless depths of blackness to sink into; daylight is too shallow, it will not cover one." — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

5. "We borrow an hour one night in April; we pay it back with golden interest five months later." — Winston Churchill

6. "Daylight reveals color; artificial light drains it." — Helena Rubinstein

7. "In a ghost story, usually you've got to hang on until daylight, and you'll be alright. But if daylight's four months away, then you have a problem." — Michelle Paver

8. "With the coming of spring, I am calm again." — Gustav Mahler

Images: Unsplash; Pexels