Larry David Addresses Bernie Sanders' Supporters In His Latest 'SNL' Sketch & It's Almost Eerily On Point

On Saturday night, a week after not one, but two Democratic debates along with Super Tuesday 2, Larry David returned to Saturday Night Live as Bernie Sanders once again to reprise his now-regular role as the Democratic presidential candidate — and he didn't just look the part. David's sketch took place as an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, played by SNL's Beck Bennett, following Sanders' victory in the Michigan Democratic primary. Perhaps the most relevant part of the hilarious sketch was what David had to say to Sanders' supporters.

"I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and apologize to everyone else for making your Facebook feeds so, so annoying," David said. "I mean, I love my supporters, but they're too much, right? I'm great, but I'm not five-posts-a-day-great."

Throughout the race to the White House, Sanders' supporters have become known for their active social media campaigning, probably in large part because many of them are young voters. (That fact was also laughed at later in the sketch.) The joke continued as David said, "With all due respect to my supporters, get a life." The timing of such comments is interesting, to say the least, because of what Sanders' supporters may have actually been doing with their real lives over the weekend.

On Friday, Republican candidate Donald Trump canceled a rally in Chicago after a sea of protestors had flooded the event, and violence had broken out within the crowd. The event was canceled 30 minutes after it was scheduled to start. Once the announcement had been made, protesters were reportedly heard chanting Sanders' name as a victory cry.

An unofficial Sanders organization, People for Bernie, celebrated the protesters on Twitter and has encouraged protests outside Trump events and campaign offices around the country. Although the group clarified its initial tweet and did not take credit for organizing the rally, it's clear that Sanders supporters were indeed involved in bringing down the rally., a progressive group that strongly supported both of President Obama's presidential campaigns and has endorsed Sanders, provided signs and posters to aid Trump protesters over the weekend. The signs read, "Trump makes America hate. Our students make America great." It's a stark rebuttal of Trump's "Make America Great Again" campaign tagline. In declaring that it had provided protest materials, emphasized that its materials were meant to be used for peaceful, nonviolent protests.

Ultimately, David probably had no intention of commenting on the real-life activities of Sanders supporters over the weekend, but his comedic suggestion that they "get a life" and get off social media seems to have come to fruition. In the wake of all the violence and chaos from Friday and Saturday, though, the funny, light-hearted sketch could not have been more necessary. Perhaps if Sanders wins any of the important primaries throughout the upcoming week, David will have to return to SNL for yet another installment.