Seriously: Is Ryan Gosling Single Or Not?

It's pretty much the biggest question in the pop culture world right now (or it is for me, anyway, but I'm going to assume this is pretty universal): Is Ryan Gosling single again or not? As you all know, Gosling has been in a relationship with actress Eva Mendes since 2011, but break-up rumors have plagued the couple for months now since they haven't been spotted out together in a while. Here's one from November 2013, and here's one from December 2013. Of course, this has all just been tabloid gossip so far, and no one has really confirmed the rumors — but still, often times when there are stories like this, there is a kernel of truth somewhere. So, let's attempt to debunk this question: Have Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes broken up?

Exhibit one: Mendes was rumored to be pregnant just a few days ago, when she refused to go through the full body scanner at the airport in favor of being hand-searched. Some theorized that this could be because she's pregnant, but a source close to the actress claimed that she just never goes through full body scanners. Hmm...

Exhibit two: Just today, the Daily Mail reported that Mendes and Gosling had split, because Mendes opted to choose fame over having a family. "They started having problems back in September," a source reportedly told InTouch. "They decided to quietly call it off for good around Christmas...there is no ill will. Neither is rushing out to date other people right now." Another source: "They just knew it was time." So, Gosling is single now?

Well, not so fast. Exhibit three: According to the New York Daily News, a representative for Mendes has said that the couple is not broken up, though there was no mention of any pregnancy rumors. So all of your "hey girl" dreams will probably have to wait for a while/forever.


Images: Mashable, The Frisky